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coup militias name militant as vice president of Hudaydah University in Yemen

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A source at Ministry of Higher Education has reported coup leader militias have appointed as new vice president of Hudaydah University a militant officer with any essential background in education. This would be another mean to cover the real plan of Houthis Militias in helping Iran to take control over Yemeni territories. This condition has led fight into a new stage,  in fact after two authorities having fought regarding academic positions, minister of higher education loyal to Ousted President Daley and vice President of Houdaydah University loyal to Houthis Militias, they keep on discussing and fighting to get control, so to solve this problem, it was necessary chancing the precedent vice president. Right now the new appointed vice president is the brigadier General al-Omari.



Yemeni army readies plans to liberate cities under Houthis control

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Chief of Staff of Yemeni armed forces, al-Maqdashi has been waiting for nod of minister in order to conduct some military operations in Houthis controlled areas. Al-Madqashi, in fact, has said they have drawn up a plan to set free the remaining cities from Houthis controll, including Houdaydah city port. This plan depends on the ability of military forces in combating and carrying out operations. There are two different situations: from one side Houthis and rebels are going through a period of weakness and disintegration, on the other side, the Yemeni National forces are taking control over some presidential buildings and check points. Their stronger positions are in Taiz and Nehm, where national forces have imposed a siege.



U.N. envoy: we succeeded in preventing a military operations in Houdaydah

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During the session organized by Security Council, it was reported by Ahmed, UN envoy to Yemen, people are constantly attacked by Houthis Militias and in addition to this he has elencaed several zones, where there is a spread of landmines and weapons, used by Houthis Militias loyal to Ousted President. Meanwhile, O’Brien, head of office for Humanitarian affairs and Emergency Relief Coordination has said many civilians are being killed due to war and cholera disease. He has also said by reports one third of victims are children. The economy is decreasing and fuel and food prices are constantly increasing. Just one important event of this beginning week was prevention of a military operations in Houdaydah.

Yemen cholera killing people as infections increasing

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Even World Health Organization has declared there are 7.5 million people, who live in contagious area,  and many of them are at risk of cholera. Due to the civil Yemeni war, health conditions and services got worsed and this has led to malnutrition, dirty water and food shortages. According to general Director of United Nations Fund for Arab Region, it has been increased number of death among pregnant women and this should be considered the worst humanitarian disaster in the last decades. This situation is due to malnutrition and displacement. This war has seriously affected the health local and national service, and actually just 30% of national sanitation service is available.

Egypt's Sisi receives invite to upcoming Riyadh Trump summit.

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has received a personal message from Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz inviting him to participate in an upcoming summit involving Arab leaders and US President Donald Trump, Egypt’s presidential office said on Saturday. Al-Sisi didn’t confirmed explicitly his presence at the meeting which will be held on May, 21; however he expressed thanks for the invitation.  Arab leaders set to take place in the summit include the heads of state of Jordan, Algeria, and Niger; Yemen, Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, and Tunisia leaders have been also invited to join the meeting.  During the Riyadh summit the US President is set to discuss matters of regional significance including: how to counter the threat posed by the Islamic State group, ongoing conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and maritime shipping threats in the Red Sea

New UN proposals on Yemen include Al-Hudaydah

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It has been established the meeting with UN envoy Ahmed and the other Gulf countries ambassadors, who have spoken about the way of solving crisis in Yemen. Talks were about the recent efforts made thank to constant consultations between States, but also about reaching a political solution in accordance with the iniziative of GCC, The National Dialogue and Security Council. President Hadi had a meeting with the UN Envoy Ahmed as well. Ahmed has also said his aim is realizing a new security plan, which involves other areas, including Houdaydah port, which will become a new humanitarian area.

Southern Yemen leaders launch body seeking split from nort

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In the southern of Yemen, Senior Tribal, militar and political leaders have formed a new council seeking fro secession of Yemen, where the main city will be Aden. The declaration was made by Al-Zubaidi, who was leader of South Yemen, when in 1994 was an independent State. He made this declaration in front of television with the previous flag of South Yemen. The goal is giving stability to Southern Yemen and realize a new independent State. This condition is due to the war, but also to the lack of food and sanitary assistance. AlZubaidi has also declared the council will cooperate with Arab Coalition in order to set free from Houthi Yemeni territories.

Yemen needs $70bn for reconstruction, development

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According to the Minister of local administration and chairman of the Higher Committee on Relief, it would be necessary about 70 billion dollars in order to support Yemen in development and reconstruction. Since the legitimate Government has reconquered about 80% of the Country, it is about to be organized a new meeting, which involves the Minister of Finance, al-Jadan, whose aim is to establish a new source of funding to provide the basic requirements of rice and wheat. Also the World Bank has given an effort to fund new projects of development and reconstruction in Yemen

Houthi militia leader killed in the battles with the resistance in Shabwa

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A Houthi militia leader and two of his companions got killed during the battle in the province of Shabwa. They are killed during an attack and battle against Popular Forces and it was another episode of this cruel and intestine war. Actually ex-Yemeni President would have said, he is open to negotiations with Saudi Arabia and Arab Coalition from this time. During the meeting with General People’s congress Party, he has declared he is willing to go to Riyadh to have talks with King Salman and to reach a dialogue and understanding.

UN envoy on Yemen in new bid to revive peace talks

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The UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, has the duty of pushing Yemen’s peace consultation, even if the grown humanitarian alarm. The UN Envoy will meet the Saudi and Yemeni authorities in Riyadh during the month of Ramadan. The purpose of this other speaking round is to led the peace consultation. The aim of this meeting will be to reach and to sign a peace agreement before of Ramadan. Since the begin of this war, there were about 7 attempting ceasefire agreements, but all of them have failed.

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