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Yemen tensions between Houthis and Saleh become public

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The head of the so-called Higher Political Council in Sana’a, Saleh, has canceled the decision of appointing Hisham Sharaf as Foreign Minister to take authority of Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. This lead to discover to clash between the Houthi government leader, Saleh, and the head of non recognized organization, Habtoor. Habtoor is actually the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his proposal was to make belong to his party also Minister of International Cooperation and Planning, but the proposal was rejected by the President Saleh.

The UN Deputy secretary general praises Yemen aid Conference pledges

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Al Arabiya’s Talal al-Haj had an interview with the UN Deputy Secretary General, Amina J. Mohammed, who has praised to entire international community to bring a significative help and support to solve the biggest humanitarian crisis in the Middle-Area. Indeed, apart from Syria, Libya and Iraq, in Yemen, as the General Secretary of UN reported, Antonio Guteress “we are witnessing the starving and clipping of an entire generation”. The UN Deputy General Secretary has reminded all States in the international community to give their supports, as they should have done during the Yemen Aid Conference. In addition to this dramatic situation, yemeni people have concluded their “march for bread”, which lasted the entire week, starting from Sana’a Capital to Hudaydah Port, in order to make declare this port as humanitarian area and to allow supplies and aid assistances to be able at arriving and being spread out to needy people.

Beaten until paralyzed: doctor reveals horrors of Houthi torture

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A doctor, who was in August 2015 captured and brought to the jail by the Houthi militias. After being interrogated for hours, he was brought to a van and has travelled all night long in order to reach Sanaa National Security, where he was interrogated for other two days.after this, he was conducted to the jail for 10 months and got free just in April 2016. Once free, he moved to Canada not having anymore the chance of keeping on living in Yemen. There he was able to talk about the horrors, he had seen in the jail, like the man, called Maamary, who was subjected to several tortures (they had burnt him with cigarettes, kicked him or also electrocuted his mouth), until he got paralyzed.

Arabia donates $ 150 million at Yemen aid Conference.

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Because of the war between the Houthi militias, aligned with Iran, and Saudi Arabia, Yemen is having a deep and dramatic humanitarian situation. First of all, they don’t have necessary instruments and needs in order to feed their children and most of them are about to die without essential sanitarian assistance. During the Yemen Aid Conference, held in Geneva on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia donated about 150 $Million in order to implement the cures and assistances to people. Most of people in Yemen are dying due to the war, but many of them also for the declared status of famine in the country. Because of this situation, UN and OXFAM are trying to find other donators in order to solve this problem and give some supports and efforts to Yemen.



The Yemeni army was involved in violent clashes with Houthi rebels and Saleh militias

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The Yemeni army was involved in violent clashes with Houthi rebels and Saleh militias inside the strategic Khalid bin Walid camp in Taiz. The army was reinforced by artillery and missiles cover and was also supported by Arab coalition aircrafts and warships near the port of Al-Mokha. Moreover the coalition forces intensified raids targeting militia hubs and gatherings in the north of Hodeida and in the south-east of Midi, where they killed many Houthi and Sleh militiamen. In fine several Houthi militias fled towards the south after these attaccks.

Yemeni president says Houthis have "sold themeselves" to Iran.

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President Hadi accused militia behind the coup in Yemen to “have sold themeselves to the Iranian project to control Yemen and target the entire region. The project is confirmed by the continuos sending of weapons and military advisers form Iran to Yemen’s rebel Houthi movement to support them in the civil war. Moreover a Iranian offcial affirmed that Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force, met top IRGC officials in Teheran to look at ways to “empower” the Houthis. Meanwhile the Arab coalition sent military and logistical reinforcements to support the joint forces in the western coast.

Yemen announces reopening of Al-Mokha port after its liberation from Houthis

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Yemen’s Deputy Minister of Transport Nasser Sharif said the ministry is working on the reopening of the ports of Al-Hodeida and Al-Mokha after their liberation from Houthis. The Minister also said that the reopening of the port of Al-Hodeida will be a blow to the Houthis, who use the port as a link to transport weapons and to disrupt maritime navigation. Concerning the port of Al-Mokha, Sharif said that after the government’s approval the presidency of the Red Sea Ports will be transfer to Al-Mokha.

The Patriot system intercepted 12 ballistic missiles launched by Houthi militias on Yemeni city of Al-Mokha

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The Patriot system intercepted 12 ballistic missiles on Saturday, launched by Houthi militias toward the Yemeni city of Al-Mokha in less than one hour. There were no casualities as the missiles were intercepted, but the attack is a clear signal of Iran’s intention to shift the global attention to Yemen. For thet reason the Yemeni government spokesman called on the international community to disarm the militia, which is a risk for the lives of Yemeni civilians. Moreover Al-Shehri, a political analyst and international relations expert, said that an action similar to the US strike in Syria in response to the chemical attack must be taken also against Iran in Yemen in order to bring the Yemeni crisis to a peaceful settlement.

EU: Yemen humanitarian situation crisis can be solved through political settlement

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Flollowing a meeting by the EU Foreign Ministers on Tuesday, in a statement the EU expressed its concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen and reaffirmed that a solution can be founf in political settlement. The data emerging from the statement underlined a catastrophic situation, with 17 million Yemenis who are suffering from food insecurity and lacking from foreign aid and 7.3 million people who are at serious risk. Concerning the situation among the children, more than 2.2 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition. Due to this situation the EU stressed the importance of secure access to all ports and condemned the attacks against civilians. In fine the EU called fro reopening Sana’a airport for commercial flights.

Inter-Parliamentary Union Saudi: Shoura Council condemns Iran's blatant interventions in the region

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During the 136th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Dhaka, the Shoura Council condemned Iran’s interventions in the region and its attempts to provoke seditions and support armed militias. For that reason the Shoura Council called for countering and exposing threats to peace and security in the region. Moreover the humanitarian situation was discussed and the Saudi delegation expressed the necessity of more diplomatic and parliamentary efforts to end world crises. According to the Council the IPU meetings are a precious opportunity to discuss world problems and it also noted the efforts by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in the Yemeni crisis, as they offered the GCC initiative as a basis for a solution between the Yemeni political parties. Concerning the situation in Yemen the Council said the response of the Kingdom and other Gulf countries was an ethical duty and that the operation Decisive Storm is conformed to regional and international charters. In fine the Council expressed regret over the failure of the UN Security Council and the international community to find a solution to the crisis in Syria.

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