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Yemeni Foreign Minister Sharaf discusses with UN Coordinator worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen

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During a meeting between the Yemeni Foreign Minister Sharaf and the UN Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen McGoldrick, they discussed the worsening humanitaria situation in the country and the targeting of the port of Hodeida. The discussion led to the need of intervention of the United Nations and international actors to end the suffering of Yemeni employees, subjected to the policy of starvation by the aggression and the mercenaries. Concerning the port of Hodeida, the Foreign Minister underlined the importance of its safety due to its key role in accepting humanitarian needs for Yemeni people, as McGoldrick also did. The Minister also underlined the efforts made by the National Salvation Government to achieve peace and end the suffering of the Yemeni citizens.

IPU confirms support for legitimacy in Yemen

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During the meeting of the Yemeni parliamentary delegation during the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the IPU confirmed its support for Yemeni’s unity, sovereignity and legitimate leadership and rejected the coup by the Houthis and ousted President Saleh. The delegation reviewed the situation in the country and the violation againts Yemeni people by the rebels, supported by Iran. Moreover the head of the Yemeni delegation met with IPU President and Secretary General and they discussed about the state of Yemeni’s Parliament, which was closed by rebels, who arrested MPs and theatened to kill them. As a consequence to this situation the Parliament was moved to the temporary capital of Aden.

King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid: Saudi Arabia provides $584.4 million relief assistance to Yemenis

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In a statement Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabbeah, head of King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, said the Kingdom is among the top 10 countries in the worls for the volume and the value of aid provided. He also added that the center developed partnerships with international agencies to help Yemen, Djibouti and Ethiopia; in particular in Yemen it provided relief assistance worth $584.4 million. Moreover the center has started on working on two more projects: one to tackle malnutrition among children and pregnant women and another one to provide water supplies in 15 Yemeni governorates. The total number of projects directed at Yemeni citizens has reached 123 and between them 44 are food, security and shelter projects, while 16 are related to education, family protection and early recovery programs.

PM Habtoor said the US-Saudi aggression coalition targeted water resources in Yemen

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During a celebration on the World Water Day, organized by Ministry of Water and Environment in Sana’a, the Prime Minister Habtoor said the US-Saudi aggression coalition targeted water resources in Yemen, causing a terrible threat to Yemeni people lives and their future. He also condemned the silence of the Arab Summit and the international community for not stopping the US-Saudi aggression coalition war and for not moving to save Yemeni people from this aggression, which started two years ago.

Yemen expresses disappointment at Arab Summit outcomes

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Following the Arab Summit held at the Dead Sea in Jordan a Foreign Ministry official expressed disappointment on the outcomes of the final statement of the Summit, which according to him ignored the peace process in Yemen and the daily killing of Yemeni civilians by the Saudi-led aggression coalition. The official added that the United Nations Security Council resolution 2216 legitimized the the Saudi-led aggression coalition war and their anti-humanitarian crimes in the country. In fine according to the yemeni official the Arab League has stood against the Yemeni people too.

King Salman stresses on a peaceful solution in Yemen

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During the 28th Arab Summit opening session King Salman stressed the importance of a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen based on the Gulf initiative and outputs of the national dialogue. He also underlined the importance of unity and stability of Yemen. Moreover he talked about Syria and said that in Syria in necessary a peaceful solution too. In fine King Salman highlighted that “the most dangerous thing facing our Arab nation is terrorism and extremisms”.

UNDP: more than 50,000 civilians were killed or injured by the war in Yemen

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During a press conference on Tuesday in Sana’a the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Repesentative for Yemen McGoldrick said that two years of war destroyed the lives of millions of people and that seven million women, children and men could be victims of famine during this year. He added that more than 50,000 civilians were killed or injured or disabled by the war, and in particular 1450 children were killed, 2450 were injured and 1572 were recruited to fight. Moreover 50,000 people were displaced and 2 million people displaced across the country. In fine McGoldrick said that the Yemenis are victims of a conflict that has nothing to do with them and that the belligerent parties acted in a way to disregard their responsabilities.

Arab Coalition: Houthi rockets smuggled through Yemen port to bomb saudi cities

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The coalition Command to Support the Legitimacy in Yemen said today in a statement that Saudi border cities were targeted by Houthi militias with smuggled rockets through the port of Al-Hodeidah. The Command added that the Coalition air forces targeted immediately the launching sites and that the Royal Saudi air force intercepted four ballistic missiles launched towards the cities of KhamisMushayt and Abha and they destroyed them without causing any damage. In fine the coalition said these actions are the strongest evidence of the continued smuggling of weapons to Yemen especially from the port of Hodeidah.

White House 'considering potential attack' to liberate Al-Hudaydah port.

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Key members of the US government will attend a meeting, set this week, to discuss the situation in Yemen since the Arab Alliance requested their participation in the battle to control the port. The proposal was presented last year to the Obama administration, which rejected the plan because it was seen as a direct engagement of US troops in Yemen. Nowadays US officials said there are two plans to intervene in Yemen against the Houthis and their allies, one sponsored by Central District Commander General Votel and the second one by the Defense Secretary Mattis. It will be President Donald Trump to decide wich plan to proceed with. Some details about the plan have leaked and it seems that the US will assist UAE forces with Special Forces, air and sea backup and surveillance. Moreover the plan proposed by the Defense Secretary will not include ground troops or US special units but will include planning, providing coordinates and fuel for the fighters and in fine field commanders will manage the battle without going back to the White House.

Child marriage soars in Yemen as famine looms.

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To mark the second anniversary of the war UNICEF published a report about child marriages, saying that more than two thirds of girls under 18 are married in Yemen, as there is no minimum age of marriage in the country. The main reason is the escalation of the war, which brought parents to marry off their daughters to reduce costs and the number of people to feed in the family. Moreover dowry payments, which are paid by the husband’s family, are an incentive for poor parents to marry off daughters early. Early marriages are especially common in Al-Hudaydah, Hajah and Ibb governorates. A new UNICEF study also found that around 44% of girls and women are married under the age of 15 in some parts of Yemen. In fine child marriage deprives girls of education and opportunities and increases the risk of domestic and sexual violence.


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