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Egypt: Arrests of alleged Islamic State members continue as group threatens Christians

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Five alleged members of the militant group Islamic State were referred to the Criminal Court by the prosecution on Friday, state-owned media reported. Arrested members, was planning a trip to Libya to train themselves before to come back in Egypt to carry out terrorists attacks. In a recent development, the leader (emir) of the Islamic State’s branch in Egypt warned Muslims to stay away from Christian gatherings, as well as military, security, and governmental facilities, which are “legitimate targets for the organisation”. Although the declaration of the state of emergency and the Egyptian government’s pledge to end militancy, the activities of the Islamic State have started to turn its sights on targets outside its base in Sinai to reach Cairo and the Delta.

The two main Libyan leaders Misrata militants and Khalifa Ghwell scorn Hafter-Serraj summit

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The meeting between the two main Libyan leaders, which could be the first step toward political normalization in the country, has been criticized by other Libyan forces. A group of hardline Misratan militias have lambasted the Khalifa Hafter-Faiez Serraj Abu Dhabi meeting, vowing to “crush” the UN-backed government as a result. They underlined that to organize democratic elections, Hafter and Serraij need to erase criminals from political spectrum. In March, the mainly-Misratan forces supporting the would-be alternative “Government of National Salvation” (GNS) of Khalifa Ghwell were beaten by the local Tripolitan militias and forced out of the capital. These latter, now known as “the Quartet” (being Bishr, Ghneiwa, Tajouri and Abdul Raouf Kara), now effectively control the city along with their allies. This statement follows an other from GNS, by its leader Khalifa Gwell, which described Hafter as a “retired military citizen who does not have any political status” and Serraj as someone “who does not have a legal status”.

Declarations hostile to Algeria, details by Riadh Mouakher

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Environmental Minister, Riadh Mouakher, said that his speech was misinterpreted. During a press conference in Rome, at the end of a meeting about Tunisia, for Craxi foundation, he spoke about his origin, and talk about his experience in the United States as student. He said that when people asked him where came he from, he answered from Tunisia, a Country under Italy, because Americans thought that Algeria was a communist Country and Libya was considered a bad Country. Those words created a great deal of embarrassment in the Tunisian government, but the Minister denied that his will was to denigrate Algeria in particularly, he added that relations between two countries are very strong, and his words have been taken out of context. He added that no one can spoil relations between Algeria and Tunisia, and everybody said that nothing can ruin relationship.

Libya: Angry CBL staff protest colleague’s abduction

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A large protest in front of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) took place on Friday in front of CBL palace. Staff at the CBL in Tripoli demonstrated today in protest at the kidnapping of their director of banking operations, Fathi Al-Haji, by unidentified gunmen. CBL director was kidnapped on May, 2, but no details had been released on kidnappers. This kind of proceeding is “common” in Libya with the instability, kidnappings against ransom have increased with Libyan instability. However the CBL has been a particular target for criminals. In June 2015 three investigators from the bank’s anti-money laundering department were seized while investigating an alleged multi-million dollar letter of credit fraud. They were released within 48 hours when angry CBL staff threatened a strike that would have shut down the whole banking system.

British Foreign Secretary sees Serraj in Tripoli, urges political figures to “seize the momentum”

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British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrived in Tripoli today for a lightning visit taking in talks with Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj, State Council President Abdulrahman Sewehli and the PC’s foreign minister, Taher Siala. Johnson underlined the process of reconciliation between East and West Libya, started earlier this week, saying that Libya need to “seize the moment”. Both part also talked about development of bilateral relations in various fields (notably in educational field). Johnson himself said that “security, stability and prosperity can only be achieved when the country’s leaders choose to get together and work out a plan for the common benefit of the Libyan people”.

Egypt: Sisi arrives in UAE with Hafter and Serraj still in Abu Dhabi

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Egypt try to play a diplomatic role at regional level, especially in Libyan peace process. Indeed, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Sisi has arrived in the UAE for talks with Emirati leaders, but also reportedly to see Khalifa Hafter and Faiez Serraj who remain in Abu Dhabi. Even if information is not confirmed by authorities, Al Sisi would meet President Council head and Libyan National Army (LNA) chief during the official visit. Egypt has stressed Haftar, during last weeks, to move toward a Libyan accord to reach Libyan stability, in February 2016, Haftar refused to meet a est Libyan delegation in Cairo.

Oil politics driving Libya closer to failure

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New tensions between Libya’s UN.backed government and the powerful NOC (Libyan National Oil Corporation), threatening recent economical recovery of oil sector. On Monday, NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla announced that the country has built its oil production up to 760,000 barrels per day and planned to go ahead with plans to expand production to 1.1 million bpd by August of this year. However, Sanalla, has openly criticised GNA policy toward global economy and Oil production on the country. He underlined that Oil will be the “lifeblood of any successful futur government in Libya”, and recalled that during Khadaffi’s time, 90% of Tripoli’s revenues was found on oil production. NOC had been closer of LNA (Libyan National Army) and general Haftar since few weeks, due to his capacity to maintain a unity in oil production.

Haftar to run for president of Libya in March 2018

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The recent meeting between Haftar and Al-Serraij, in UAE (United Arab Emirates) had been successful according to first informations resulting from it. Indeed, the meeting has created a tie between East and West Libya, divided since the LPA (Libyan Political Accord) of December 2015, both leader decided to built a communication channel between PC (Presidency Council- West) and Dignity Operation (East) to allow information transmission between both Libyan parts. Haftar will be nominated as Libyan President in March 2018, Al-Serraij declared his satisfaction with this point. On Wednesday, Egypt president, El-Sissi, would be in UAE to confirm the agreement.

In 2016 Libya ‘‘continued to worsen and slide on all economic, security and social fronts"

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New report from the Audit Bureau, based in Tripoli, gave it back is report on Libyan global situation for last year. In its 623-page 2016 Annual Report published on 26 April, the Tripoli-based Audit Bureau said that in 2016 Libya ‘‘continued to worsen and slide on all economic, security and social fronts’’ which it depicted as the ‘‘worse periods that Libya has passed through’’. It was an ‘‘exceptional period filled with dangers in the absence of most state authorities’’ which inflicted physical damage on citizens and the state. One of the main reason of this failure is Libyan division since December 2015, between Tobruck and Tripoli. And some institutions, as the CBL (Central Bank of Libya), work in a complete isolation. The Report exposed the GNA’s lack of competences to plan a real policy for Libya. As a result, 2016, was the worth year in term of financial revenue for the country.

Hafter in Abu Dhabi amid rumours of planned meeting with Serraj

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A new Libyan-Libyan dialogue could be in preparation between both parts of Libyan political spectrum, indeed, Hafter flew from Benghazi’s Benina Airport, on 1st May, to Abu Dhabi, and according to speculations, he could meet Faiez Serraj, president of the GNA (Government of National Accord) there. According to a statement from the Libyan National Army General Command media office, the visit is at the invitation of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy commander of the UAE armed forces. However, there have been constant rumours over the past three or four days of an encounter between him and Serraj having been organised by the Emiratis.

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