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Saudi Arabia introduces new taxes on tobacco, prices raise by 100 percentage

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AS a consequence of a decision by GCC council, it was established in Saudi Arabia taxes will be introduced, which will be bring prices of tobacco at increasing by 100 percentage. This decision is going to be in force, starting from Tuesday and the reason why it was adopted is because they want to take decision, which are the same for all member States of GCC and it is necessary the time of application of measure is the same to all of them. This measure, as it was explained by Saudi customs Spokesman, is useful to twice the quantitative of tobacco. After this announcement regarding increasing tobacco prices, it is immediately started buying cigarettes before the application of this economic decision. Indeed there is an huge fear and worrying among Saudi smokers, because they do not know where to find cigarettes, once their price is increasing. According to some Saudi citizens, it could be a kind of loop and historical ripetion, as 53 years ago, it happens the same thing.



Serbia and Spain have high level of bilateral cooperation

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Intergovernmental bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Spain is at a very high level, Ivica Dacic and his Spanish hosts have agreed. According to the Serbian government, the officials said that there is full compliance in the positions of the two countries regarding the respect for the principles of international law and territorial integrity of states, and that excellent political relations give impetus to the improved development of economic, educational and cultural cooperation. During the talks with senior Spanish officials it was estimated that the support of this country to the process of Serbia’s European integration is “essential to our success on that path”.

Houthi Militias step in against money transfer from Saudi Arabia

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Houthi Militias found a system to stop transfering money of Yemeni expatriating people to Saudi Arabia. Indeed, most of this money are deputy to save people from famine and poverty. As the consequences of these money transfers,  Houthi militias have given new instructions, which include several ban of getting money from Saudi Arabia. It would be such a serious problem, even because Saudi Arabia was really useful to support the collapsing economy of Yemen. As it is happened to Mohammed, a rebel militant, who received financial efforts from expatriating Yemeni people, starting from now, no one can get other financial effort unless it comes from people, who live in Yemen, and if he does, he would be interrogated for hours. It is enough impossible that no one in Yemen can get economic support from people, who live in Saudi Arabia, especially because the exchange rate is seriously changed.



Béji Caïd Essebsi Calls on Gulf Countries for Dialogue and Reciprocal Understanding

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The head of the State Essebsi received, on 7 June, Foreign Minister Khemaïes Jhinaoui to the Carthage Palace. The aim of the visit is to talk, with the President of the Republic, about the Foreign Minister’s trip in Algeria on 5 and 6 of June. Khemaïes Jhinaoui said that he, with his Algerian homologue, expressed their will to improve bilateral relationship and talked about the G20 Summit that will take place in Berlin next 12 and 13 of June. The President Essebsi expressed his concern about the situation in the Gulf, making an appeal to the calm and to the dialogue between the parties.


Syria strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Iran

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Syria strongly condemned the two terrorist attacks which took place in Iran earlier today, stressing that such terrorist attacks that are backed by well-known countries will not discourage Syria and Iran from continuing to fight terrorism. In a statement, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry voiced Syria’s full solidarity with the leadership, government and people of Iran and its condolences to the families of the victims. Syria stresses that such “terrorist attacks backed by well-known countries and circles will not discourage Syria and Iran from continuing their fight against terrorism that is supported by countries and parties known in the region and beyond”, the Ministry added.

"We'll apologize to Haradinaj if he doesn't get fed in jail"

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Earlier in the day, Haradinaj said that both Dacic and President Aleksandar Vucic “should apologize for crimes committed in Kosovo”. “A man for whom there are tons and tons of evidence that he took part in the gravest crimes committed against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija now wants Serbia to apologize”, Dacic said in his reaction. Perhaps, he continued in the same tone, we should apologize for Haradinaj’s message that he would, if he becomes prime minister, continue to do what he was doing as a member of the terrorist KLA, and expand “the Greater Albania” all the way to Nis. “The only apology we could give afterwards, as a country that respects the rights of inmates, is if he did not have regular meals in Zabela, or some other prison”, Dacic concluded. Vucic also reacted, when asked for comment during a news conference. “What should I apologize for. I didn’t commit crimes. He (Haradinaj) committed crimes. He and his men were slaughtering, murdering, beheading”.


NATO and EU mustn’t allow Balkans to be Europe’s “soft underbelly”

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DPS leader Milo Djukanovic said in an interview with the Austrian national television ORF That Montenegro’s entry into NATO and the admissions procedures in the European Union are steps to be done with fairness and prudence, accompanying these important changes by introducing new reforms. With respect to NATO, he said he was happy that there could be place in the world for the promotion of European values; In the matter of European Union, he believes that EU membership can contribute to and strengthen stability in the Balkans. He also said that the European Union supports the governments in the Balkans that are in favor of the EU itself. This can give legitimacy to these governments and avoid the emergence of centrifugal forces.

Bulgarian PM Borissov Confers with German Chancellor Merkel

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Bilateral cooperation, Bulgaria’s aspirations to join the euro zone and the Schengen area, security and the EU perspective of the Western Balkans topped the agenda of a meeting that Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held here on Wednesday. Chancellor Merkel expressed support for Bulgaria and its reforms. The German leader expressed support for Bulgaria’s ambitions to enter the euro zone waiting room and the Schengen area, and said that there are conditions to be met. “If Bulgaria meets the conditions for accession to the Schengen area – and these concern the rule of law and combating corruption – then it is ready to join in,” she said. She thanked Bulgaria for its commitment to protecting the border with Turkey. “Bulgaria has improved the security of this border even though it is not a Schengen member. It has made significant efforts, and we discussed what measures Bulgaria needs to take, especially in order to suppress the trafficking in people and migrants,” the German head of government said. She added that the two countries work closely together on the policy on migrants and refugees, and that this is a common challenge for the EU.

Houthis "forbid" UN envoy's return to Sanaa

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Al-Samad, head of houthis leader, has affirmed it is forbidden to UN envoy Ahmed to come back to Sanaa, indeed UN must choose another envoy, who is respectful of Yemeni people. This statement has been followed after the important and relevant incident, which involved Ahmed during the trip to Sanaa. This declaration was considered as a principle of tensions between warring parties and it was considered as a damage to his efforts to peace. UN Envoy, Ahmed, was condemned of not being neutral as he is supposed to be and also not being respectful of UN resolutions. This is not the first attack personally direct to UN envoy. In fact, it is important observing there was a huge manifestation after shooting to UN envoy convoy. His operation to guarantee a discussion table  between warring parties failed.



Germany has "special plan for Western Balkans"

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Citing diplomatic sources, Vecernje Novosti is reporting that Berlin has prepared a “mini Marshall Plan” for the Balkans, which should over the next few years boost the economies in the region. This proposal will soon be on the table of the European Council in Brussels, which should approve it and set up a special fund for the Balkan countries. The aforementioned plan is called “Berlin Plus” – but the money for its implementation should, among other sources, come from the European Economic Area (EEA) consisting of all EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), where Switzerland is also a member. Vecernje Novosti writes that one of the goals is to network the Western Balkans with infrastructure such as highways that would connect Serbia with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Belgrade with Tirana, via Pristina. The intention is to in this way “skip” the uncertain period of the next few years in which the EU, pressed by numerous crises, does not intend to continue enlarging. A strong reason to activate the “Berlin plus” is also to reduce tensions in the region.


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