Arab Leaders At Summit Endorse Two-State Solution

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The 28th Araban League Summit endorsed the two-state solution in its closing statement on Wednesday, saying the Arab world would be ready to reconcile with Israel if it withdrew from the land it conquered in the 1967 war. They affirmed that they will continue to work to relaunch serious Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations that take place within a set period of time based on the two-state solution. Trump surprised Arab leaders on February 15 when he said that he does not commit to a two-state solution. He said to Nethanyau that he’s looking at two-state or one-state, he likes the one that both parties like. He’s very happy with the one both parties like. Abbas also said that Arab leaders will convey the summit’s conclusions on the Israel-Palestinian conflict to Trump in “one voice” in their upcoming meetings with the American president. Abbas also said that Israel s preventing peace and cooperation infact Israel is continuing to expand settlements and undermining the chances of achieving peace. The parties discussed a final agreement that would include recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and changes to the pre-1967 armistice lines through land swaps.

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