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Threat of Chemical Weapons-Related Provocations in Syria Still Remains

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The threat of provocations related to use of chemical weapons in Syria still remains, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday, adding that terrorists might possess toxic substances. “There was repeated information about possible provocations with usage of toxic substances. And, of course, making it public was likely to help to avoid such provocations”, Peskov added. On Friday, Putin said at the International Economic Forum in Russia’s St. Petersburg (SPIEF) that Russia foiled planned chemical attacks’ reiteration on the Syrian territory by making public the intelligence data on the plot in early May. The Russia leader also refuted the reports of Syrian President Bashar Assad having stockpiles of toxic substances, and people having allegedly suffered from the chemical weapons and called them a “provocation”.


Iran Urges War on Cyber Capabilities of Terrorists

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A ranking Iranian security official warned against a major shift in the methods and approaches used by terrorist groups, calling for concerted global action to curb terrorists’ cyber capabilities and counter their modern tactics. Addressing the 8th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues in Moscow on Wednesday, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani warned of the shifting nature and geographical distribution of terrorists in the world. Pointing to the cyber-infrastructures and modern communication systems that terrorist networks employ to recruit, organize, train and control forces in different countries, Shamkhani stressed the need for serious international determination to restrict such modern capabilities and counteract terrorists’ Internet-based activities. He further noted that Iran, with years of experience in combatting terrorism and its military, security, and cyber threats, could play a significant role in the global initiatives against terrorism. Shamkhani then attributed the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group’s acquisition of advanced communication systems, modern arms and weapons of mass destruction to the double standards adopted by certain “infamous governments” which sponsor terrorist groups. The top official further deplored the UN’s weak performance in dealing with regional crises, and urged certain states to end their “failed and dangerous policies” toward Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Security officials from 95 countries around the world have gathered in Moscow for the 3-day conference to coordinate efforts in ensuring cyber security, addressing the regional and international threats, and countering the issues leading to crises.

Egypt's Sisi receives invite to upcoming Riyadh Trump summit.

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has received a personal message from Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz inviting him to participate in an upcoming summit involving Arab leaders and US President Donald Trump, Egypt’s presidential office said on Saturday. Al-Sisi didn’t confirmed explicitly his presence at the meeting which will be held on May, 21; however he expressed thanks for the invitation.  Arab leaders set to take place in the summit include the heads of state of Jordan, Algeria, and Niger; Yemen, Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, and Tunisia leaders have been also invited to join the meeting.  During the Riyadh summit the US President is set to discuss matters of regional significance including: how to counter the threat posed by the Islamic State group, ongoing conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and maritime shipping threats in the Red Sea

Riyadh to host forum on terrorism and extremism

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On 21st May, in Riyadh it will be hosted an important conference about themes as terrorism and extremism, under sponsorship of Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism. It was organized by Faisal Center for Research and Islamic studies. According to the executive director of this Center, Saudi Arabia gets responsible of leading a war against terrorism, and this event, which will bring several experts, coming from local and international levels, could help in enhancing this role of Saudi Arabia. This event will be the chance of discussing and studying several and various aspects of terrorism, giving the opportunity to researchers to prospect new solutions. The conference will concern some themes as: The future perception of terrorism, extremism on the Internet and social media, the linkage between terrorism and corruption, and finding mechanism in fight against terror and extremism in the Middle East.

The Internal Security Forces arrests two persons on charges of belonging to Daesh.

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The Internal Security Forces General Directorate issued on Wednesday a statement in which it announced that two individuals proven to be involved in acts of terror and affiliated with the terrorist organization, Daesh, have been arrested after thorough investigations and pursuit. The arrestees have admitted to having contacted a number of ISIS leaders for the end of carrying out acts of terror in Lebanon, recruiting young men, joining the organization’s ranks in Syria, targeting Army and Security elements, receiving training in explosives manufacturing, and promoting the organization’s ideology through social media platforms.


Palestinians must pass 'test of peace', stop paying terrorists.

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The first thing the Palestinian Authority must do to prove it is committed to making peace with Israel is stop rewarding terrorism and stop payments to terrorists and the families of terrorists, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Sean Hannity of Fox News in an exclusive weekend interview. The prime minister told Hannity: “This is the crazy thing: They pay terrorists on a sliding scale, not on the cost of living, but on the cost of killing. The more you kill, the more you get. And it accumulates to vast sums, some of it contributed by Americans, by European governments”. Abbas, to his own people he says, ‘We don’t want a state next to Israel, we want a state instead of Israel”. The prime minister explained that the fact that “many in the region are threatened by that same Iran, and would be immeasurably threatened more by a nuclear-armed Iran” has brought many countries in the region to a “different thinking about Israel”. “The greatest challenge is the challenge of militant Islam of both kinds, the Shiite variety led by Iran, the Sunni variety led by ISIS [the Islamic State]. Both have to be rolled back, but of the two, the greater long-term change is from Iran. It’s a country of 80 million, it’s got oil. It’s developing submarines, it’s developing precision-guided rockets and missiles. It’s developing nuclear weapons, down the line. Satellites”, Netanyahu said, adding that power of that kind in the hands of a “militant Islamic regime” posed a threat to the entire world.



Netanyahu: If Palestinians Want Peace, ‘Prove It' By Halting Payments To Terrorists

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The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that if the Palestinians truly desire peace with Israel, they must first “come clean” and put an end to “rewarding terrorism”. “I think the first test of peace is to say to them, ‘Hey, you want peace? Prove it. Confront terrorism, stop rewarding terrorism, stop paying it terrorists'”, Netanyahu said from his office in Jerusalem. “It could be more than a billion dollars that are given to terrorists”, Netanyahu continued. “I’m not talking about Hamas. I’m talking about the mainline Palestinian Authority headed by the president, who is going to see (US President Donald) Trump in Washington”. Netanyahu’s comments came just a day after Abbas granted an interview to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shibun, where the Palestinian leader appeared to moderate his tone over restarting peace negotiations, saying “I am ready to meet the prime minister of Israel any time in Washington under the patronage of President Trump”. Netanyahu, however, currently has no plans to visit Washington next month.

Gourma Rharus military camp attacked by terrorists.

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There has  been a murderous attack at a military camp in the region of Timbuktoo. The provisional estimate states 4 killed malian soldiers, 16 others are hurt. The French military force Barkhane led an antiterrorist operation while being at it, and killed several people: the terrorists have moved only around thirty kilometers before being caught up by the soldiers of Barkhane. The French military force quickly mobilized their helicopters and announced to have killed about ten terrorists aboard two pick-up heavily armed. Vehicles had been stolen  in the attack of the camp of Gourma Rharous: the aggressors took all that they could before setting fire besides after intense fights. The attack was claimed in the evening by a new Jihadist alliance in Sahel, the “Groupe de soutien à l’islam et aux musulmans” (Group of support of the Islam and the Muslims).

Egyptian politician calls for investigation into Russia's accusations against UK over Egypt churches attacks

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Last Wednesday, inside the Security Council, Russia accused Great-Britain to have participate to terrorists attacks of Palm Sunday, which have killed 44 Egyptians and injured more than 100. In front of this allegation, Egypt asks for a transparent international investigation. The Russian official accused Britain of supplying extremist armed groups with weapons and explosives to target Christians and minorities in the Middle East. Russian attacks inside Security Council told, also, that UK supports militant groups also in other European countries as France. Egyptian investigation will clarify this misunderstanding.

French civil kidnapped in Tchad, all the measures are mobilized for obteining the civil liberation.

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A french Civil has been kidnapped at Abéché ( Tchad), and one Military source confirmed that all the measures are mobilized for obteining the civil liberation. The last kidnapping in lake tchad region was in 2009, Laurent Meurice was abducted by a sudanese group: “les Aigles de libération de l’Afrique”, he has been set free after 89 days of detention, on the 6th of February 2010. The Tchad region is one of the principle french allie against the terrorism, at N’djamena there are Barkhane antiterrorists forces, constituted by Mauritanie, Mali, Niger, Tchad and Burkina Faso). The one and only case of a french hostage is Sophie Pétronin, kidnapped at Gal, northern part of Mali, on the 24th of december 2016, even though his kidnapping has never been claimed.

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