U.K. representatives started talks with U.S. counterparts about what will be the relations between the two countries

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The British Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, is in the U.S., as reported from British television BBC. He has already had meetings with some important members of the President-elect Trump staff, the chief strategist Steve Bannon and son in law Jared Kushner on Sunday in New York before departing for Washington where he will meet the Speaker of the the House of Representatives Paul Ryan, Sen. Bob Corker and the Majority Whip Mitch McConnell. Johnson’s trip to the U.S. serves not only in order to prepare that of the Prime Minister Theresa May in March but also to begin to talk about what will be the relations between the United States and the United Kingdom after the latter has left the EU. Although neither Theresa May neither Boris Johnson have had words of appreciation for Trump during the election campaign, the President-elect seems however well disposed towards the UK.

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