Trump has two options: rescue Obamacare or admit he's a liar

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The intention of the President-elect Trump and the Republican majority is to dismantle Obamacare. If successful, approximately 30 millions of Americans would lose health insurance and would no longer be able to access at medical care. Also Republicans would cut federal funding to hospitals, with the risk to close several small hospitals in rural counties. Finally, it seems that along with spending cuts in the Republican proposal there are a series of medicines price increases. Of the 30 million of people who risk to lose the health insurance, approximately the 80% come from the working class and many of those voted for Trump because he had promised that there would be no cuts to health care. According to the Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump has two options: choose the Republican proposal and admit that he lied during the election campaign, or save Obamacare and keep the promises made during the campaign.

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