The Kasai Central Massacres.

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One month ago has been released a video showing executions by some RDC Army soldiers in Kasaï Central. Seven people are in detention <according to the video spread on social networks showing slaughters by serviceman dressed as people from the Kamwina Nsapu militia> the seven individuals would be all serviceman: they partecipated in the expedition. The seven authors of these massacres are charged of war crimes, murder, mutilation and inhuman and degrading cruel treatments. The 42 bodies of the victims were buried in two common graves located in the periphery of Mwanza-Lomba. No medical examiner was able to identify the victims and indentify the causes of the death. In an interview last february the minister of Congolese diplomacy She Okitundu seemed to justify the indefensible speaking about the bloody events arisen in Kasai Central: ”It’s true, we have to face this very big problem, but these politic groups consitute a real danger for all”. After the disclosure of the controversal video, Secretary Lambert Mende Omalanga explained durign an assembly that: “the serviceman had just reacted against terrorist groups” before recognizing that abuses and excesses were committed.

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