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Chad: A convoy of prisoners attacked, nine people killed

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In the Chad, a convoy of prisoners was attacked at night by unknowns before disappearing in the nature. The Chadian justice announces the opening of a judicial inquiry besides the operations of researches. The convoy of hundred prisoners drove in the direction of Koro Toro in full Chadian desert has been attacked about sixty kilometers away from the North of Ndjamena. Prisoners were been convoyed to the detention centre of Ndjamena, the attack made 10 deaths and two wounded, among whom 9 prisoners and a security guard. Operations of research to find the prisoners which disappeared in the nature were thrown and an investigation is opened to find the authors of this act, which according to the magistrate is a challenge to the Chadian justice: “the justice of our country, feels directly questioned by such a smudge and has to implement everything so that justice is returned to the victims”, pursues Louampambé Mahouli Bruno. The investigation will have to identify the authors of the attack but also explain why the security protocol was not respected and how the aggressors, which looked for their victims, knew that they were in the convoy

Saudi-funded mercenaries attack on a public market: death toll raises to 24-27 injured

Death toll from indiscriminate shelling by Saudi-funded mercenaries on a public market in Taiz city rose to 24 and 27 injured, an official told Saba on Sunday. The death increased because the mercenaries continued shelling the area and nearby al-Jamala quarter until late time that prevented ambulances and rescue teams from searching for possible survivors, deputy manager of the health office Wathaq al-Fakih told Saba.

Saudi soldier killed near the Saudi province of Assir, close to the border with Yemen

A Saudi soldier has been killed by projectiles launched from Yemen towards security forces near the Saudi province of Assir, close to the border with Yemen. A spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry said that projectiles fired from Yemen injured soldier Mohammed bin Ali Hussein al-Jaafari and he succumbed to his wounds on his way to the hospital.

Haradh battlefront’s leader killed during clashes

Houthi leader of Haradh battlefront, Mohammed Ali al-Arjali was killed, during clashes on Tuesday, Al Arabiya sources revealed. Yemen’s National Army had initiated a wide military operation against Houthis and ousted President Saleh with the support of the coalition aircrafts. The coalition had paved the way for these operations through a series of shells targeting militias’ sites in Haradh, Midi and the Tawal border crossing. Field military sources reported that these artillery bombing engendered dozens of deaths and injuries in the ranks of the militias. Dozens others were detained and military vehicles and equipment were also destroyed. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia’s air defense systems destroyed a Houthi missile on Tuesday, headed to Najran.

Pakistan Rangers Sindh killed 3 suspected militants

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Pakistan Rangers Sindh claimed to have killed three suspected militants in an alleged encounter on the outskirts of Karachi on Wednesday. According to Rangers spokesperson “The paramilitary force had conducted an intelligence-driven action on suspected hideouts of banned outfit’s hardcore criminals at Mangopir area who were allegedly involved in terrorist activities”.

3 Saudi soldiers killed in 3 sniper operations

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Three Saudi soldiers were killed in sniper operations in Asir and Jizan provinces, military officials told Saba on Wednesday. The operations were carried out by the sniper units of the army and popular committees’ force in enemy Maltah military site and the other operation in Ragabt Nashma in Asir. The third operation that killed the third Saudi soldier was in al-Suda military area in Jizan.

Tunisian PM visits the family of the soldier killed by terrorists last Saturday night

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Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, on Sunday, asked Defence Minister Farhat Horchani to head to Kasserine to visit the family of soldier Saïd Ghozlani, who was killed by a terrorist group last Saturday night. Chahed has also instructed the Minister of Justice to offer his condolences to the family members of the martyred soldier, an official source in the office of the Prime Minister told TAP. He also gave instructions to ensure that “no effort will be spared to find the terrorists responsible for this heinous act” and tasked Minister of Health, Samira Merai with providing psychological support to the victim’s family, said the same source. A terrorist group composed of 20 individuals stormed the soldier’s home located on the side of Mount Mghilla in the town of el-Khraïfiya (Kasserine) on Saturday at around 7 p.m. and gunned him down, a source in el-Khraïfiya who requested anonymity told TAP on Sunday morning. Saïd Ghozlani, a young soldier aged 26 with the rank of sergeant, has been stationed in Medenine (South) for two years. Heavy police and military reinforcements were deployed in the region. Extensive sweeping operations are conducted across the area in search for the terrorist group, said military sources.

Among four killed in Libyan blast there are anti-graft activist

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A prominent anti-corruption activist was one of four people killed in an explosion in Libya’s second city of Benghazi, in the east of the strife-torn country, officials said on Sunday. “An explosion caused by a mortar shell occurred in the Al Kish neighbourhood” of Benghazi, said Mohamad Al Azumi, a spokesman for forces allied with controversial Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. He said the shell hit a group of cars, sparking the blast. A medical official said the explosion on Saturday night killed four people and wounded 23 others, all of them civilians including “the well-known anti-corruption activist Mohamad Bugaighis.” Another source in the forces loyal to Haftar said the shell stuck near the headquarters of a brigade located in an area also known for its cafes and shops. The origin of the mortar round was unknown, said the source. Bugaighis was known for his support of the idea that Haftar be made commander of the Libyan national army, as well as his opposition to militants. For two and a half years, Benghazi has seen bloody battles between loyalist forces led by Haftar and armed groups including militants from the Daesh group and Ansar Al Sharia, which is close to Al Qaeda.

Boko Haram: 29 Christians killed

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Islamists raid two villages in North-Eastern Nigeria. In recent weeks, several attack also on Cameroon and Chad. Finally, Obama rejected military support to Nigerian President Buhari.

29 Christians have been killed in two villages of the Borno State on Tuesday 28th July. The attack, carried out by Boko Haram, has left few survivors. The news comes a few hours after the Nigerian army rescue of 30 people abducted in Dikwa by the Islamist cell.

Raid are more and more habitual. Often characters are children and teenagers. As thef 9 year old blown up at a nightclub in Maroua (Cameroon). Or the girl exploded in the market in Damaturo (Nigeria). Actions that led fifty dead and several wounded

The war against Boko Haram concerns more territories.The Cameroon government, in fact, ordered the temporary closure of mosques and Islamic schools in the villages on the border with Nigeria. In Chad, where terrorists attacked on N’Djamena, army killed about 20 militants last week. While most of the inhabitants of Lake Chad islands, targeted in recent weeks, have evacuated their homes.

These actions demonstrate even more a strategy already evident. First, Boko Haram wants to disclose its radicalization in Nigeria. In addition, in response to the alliance of Lagos with Cameroon and Chad, the organization has definitively crossed the borders of Borno State.

Meanwhile, International Community remains at the window. The Us Presidente Obama’s support in the words to his Nigerian counterpart Buhari, supplied in the meeting in Washington on July 21, appears weak. In practice, the request for military support, is rejected by the chief of the White House because a rule does not allow to help a state which does not respect the human rights. Conversely, Buhari answered talking about “support for the work of Boko Haram” by the US. The risk is that, like in Syria and Libya, even Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon fell in a permanently geopolitcal chaos.
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Ukraine, 8 killed again: end of Minsk pact?

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One soldier and 7 civilians slayed after Donetsk airport’s fights. But Kiev denied and accused pro-Russian rebels.

Ceasefire in Ukraine is staggering. The last dispute happened on 3rd May. Ukrainian army killed 8 people (1 soldier and 7 civilians) during bombing against Donetsk airport, how reported by separatists. It’s unofficial news, but Kiev Minister of Foreign Affairs publice notice told about “lies” because “pro-Russians rebels fired 35 times against regular soldiers in the last 24 hours”.

Meanwhile, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, as he said La Stampa, restated that “Italy will substain Kiev if Kiev has to do necessary financial and constitutionalreforms, including Donbass independence”. But “even if we applied economic sanctions against Russia, we know Moscow importance in International crisis areas, like Syria and Libya”, Gentiloni said before Putin visit to Expo in the next days.

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