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Sudan threatens to apply similar deportation measures against Egyptians.

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New tensions in Sudan-Egypt relations. Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour Monday threatened to reciprocate Cairo’s recent deportation measure if the latter continues to deny entry of Sudanese nationals at the airport. Tensions started on April 25, when the Egyptian authorities denied entry and deported journalist Iman Kamal al-Din from Al-Sudani newspaper just 24 hours after a similar move against journalist Al-Tahir Satti of Al-Intibaha daily. In front of the situation Sudan answered that it will take the same counter measures against Egyptian journalists. This new case of tension could endangered new agreement between both countries to appease tensions, two weeks ago.

Sixteen UN members released after being taken hostage in eastern RDC

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Sixteen members of the UNO were freed after being taken in hostage during the day by south-Sudanese ex-rebels in a refugee camp in the east of the RDC.”We can confirm with joy that the set of 16 members of the Monusco (the mission of United Nations in RDC), who were held earlier (…) Were freed”, explained a person in charge of the UN, without giving however the generalities of the people which were held. “These abductions took place in the camp for war veterans of Munigi, in the east of the RDC. The camp is quiet and under total control of Monusco. All its members are gone back their home in safety”, added this person in charge. According to the same source, the incident did not make a victim and an investigation opened.

Political crisis between Egypt, Sudan over international sanctions imposed on Khartoum.

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The past 48 hours witnessed a diplomatic crisis between Egypt and Sudan after the Sudanese newspapers reported that the deputy head of Egypt’s delegation to the United Nations called for extending the international sanctions imposed on Khartoum because of the Darfur crisis. Sudanese Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Gadnour, express is surprised in front of Egyptian position, and asks Cairo to explain its position. Egyptian embassy to Khartoum has reaffirmed its sustained to Sudan. Diplomatic tensions between both countries seems to increase, even if Egypt side try to minimize the tensions. Egyptian foreign minsiter will be in Khartoum next week to clarify the misunderstanding.


Sudan imposes visa entry on Egyptians to avoid terrorist

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Terrorist attacks in Egypt have consequences at the international relations level. The Sudanese foreign minister explained that the country’s decision to require Egyptians to obtain entry visas for travelling to Sudan is aimed at avoiding terrorists from entering the country. The measure, will concern only men from 18 to 50, so women can still travel without visa from Egypt to Sudan. Its a reduction to an agreement signed in 2004, which permitted to Egyptian to travel without visa to Sudan.

Sudan’s Foreign Minister and his Egyptian counterpart meet to contain a muffled crisis between the two countries

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Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour and his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shukry will meet in Khartoum in the first half of April in an attempt to contain a muffled crisis between the two countries. Indeed, Tensions between Khartoum and Cairo have escalated following the former’s decision to restrict imports of Egyptian farming products which was reciprocated by Cairo’s decision to raise residency fees for Sudanese living in Egypt. But both countries have expressed their wishes to strengthen their cooperation and overpass this misunderstanding.

South Sudan army commander dismisses rumours of Egyptian military intervention

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South Sudan’s Army Chief of Staff Paul Malong dismissed claims of an Egyptian military intervention in the fighting in his country, describing them as “baseless rumours.” Malong said in statement to El-Sharq El-Awsat (Middle East) newspaper on Sunday that the Egyptian intervention in South Sudan is limited to furthering a peace process and providing humanitarian aid. The military commander praised Egypt’s role in the region, saying his country is eager to benefit from Egyptian military expertise by sending army officers to receive training in Cairo in the near future. Last month, South Sudan’s government denied Sudanese allegations that the Egyptian government had provided arms and ammunition to the South Sudanese army.

Saudi Arabia dismantles four ISIS cells, 18 arrests

The interior minister confirmed the arrest of 18 individuals in the Kingdom belonging to four islamic state in Iraq and Syria. Fifteen of them were Saudi citizens and the other three were from Yemen and Sudan. During the arrests about two million riyals were confiscated and the spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry al-Turki said most of those arrested supply materials to the ISIS cells in Riyadh. The ministry affirmed that ISIS cells in Saudi Arabia have spread to Mecca, Medina, Riyadh and Qassim regions.

Al-Arabiya accused: Sudanese opposition figures were backed by Egyptian intelligence services

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Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir accused the Egyptian government of harbouring and backing Sudanese opposition figures fighting his troops, in remarks broadcast on Sunday. In his first such accusation against Cairo, Bashir said in an interview broadcast by Al-Arabiya that Sudanese opposition figures were “backed by Egyptian intelligence services”. “We raise this issue every time when we meet Egyptian officials,” said Bashir. Sudanese troops are fighting rebels in three conflict regions — Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan.

“I’m not accusing President Sisi. I’m accusing the regime.”Bashir also denied allegations that Khartoum was hosting several members of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement banned by Cairo.Bashir reiterated that Sudan will protest to the United Nations if Egypt does not end its occupation of a border region claimed by his country.”TheHalayeb triangle is Sudanese and we will not make anyconcessions,” he said.

Trilateral meeting between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh Shoukry called on Tuesday for a tripartite meeting with Ethiopia and Sudan in a phone conversation with his Ethiopian counterpart Workneh Gebeyehu. In March 2015, the three countries signed a declaration of principles whereby they agreed on the construction of the dam, but with technical studies to be conducted in order to guarantee that Egypt and Sudan’s share of the Nile water will not be affected.

Sudanese man allegedly killed by an Israeli teenager

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A Sudanese man died on Sunday after suffering serious head injuries from an attack last Monday. Police arrested a 16-year-old suspect shortly after the attack and extended his remand on Sunday until Tuesday. The victim, Babiker Abdo Adam Ali, 38, was found badly beaten with a sharp object in Petah Tikva on November 14. The circumstances and motivations of the murder are still murky; police are searching for additional suspects in the vicious attack and have declined to provide any details on a possible motivation.

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