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On eve of 69th Independence Day, 89% of population 'proud' to be Israeli

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On the eve of Israel’s 69th Independence Day, 89% of the country’s citizens say they are “proud” to be Israeli. More than half (58%) of those polled said they were “very proud” of their nationality, and another 31% said they were “fairly proud” to be Israelis. Only 8% said they “were not very proud” and 1% said they were “not proud at all”. An additional 2% said they didn’t know whether or not they were proud to be Israeli.The poll was conducted on April 26 among a representative sample of 500 Hebrew-speaking Israelis. The poll also asked respondents what they saw as the most critical problem facing Israel, and security issues were far from the top of respondents’ list of concerns: 22% cited social schisms as the biggest problem in Israel, 21% pointed to the economic situation, and 18% said corruption was the biggest problem. Only 17% pointed to terrorism as the biggest problem in Israel.

Senate approves David Friedman as Israel Ambassador

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David Friedman, a longtime friend and bankruptcy lawyer of US President Donald Trump, was approved by the Senate to serve as ambassador to Israel on Thursday. Fredman has faced criticism and opposition from Jewish American leftistpoliticians during the presidential campaing of 2016. Almost half of the Senate voted to oppose this deeply unqualified and inappropriate nominee, whose predecessors had all been confirmed without a single vote cast against them.Almost half of the Senate voted to oppose this deeply unqualified and inappropriate nominee, whose predecessors had all been confirmed without a single vote cast against them. Anyway the Organization said that since Friedman’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, CUFI continued its efforts by holding in-district meetings with key senate offices and launching additional action alerts in select states asking CUFI supporters to call the offices of specific senators during the 24 hours preceding the floor vote. Israel’s ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, also congratulated Friedman after the vote. “Looking forward to working closely with you to make the US-Israel alliance stronger than ever”, he said on Twitter.

Israel intercepted a Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired into Israeli airspace

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Israel intercepted a Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired into Israeli airspace early Friday using an Arrow missile defense battery. The interception occurred after Israel Air Force fighter jets struck terrorist targets in Syria overnight. The Arrow was developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries together with American aerospace giant Boeing and the U.S. Iran, Israel’s archenemy, has been Syrian President Bashar Assad’s staunchest backer and has provided militia fighters to help him. Israel is concerned Hezbollah, with which it fought a war in 2006, is trying to obtain sophisticated weapons it could use against Israel.L’esercitosiriano ha confermato lo sciopero, dicendoquattroaerei da combattimentoisraelianihannocolpitoobiettivineipressi del confine, nelnord-estdellaSiria.

Hariri asks Bassil to inform UNSC about Israeli threats

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The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri chaired this afternoon at the Grand Serail a meeting of the Council of ministers, a statement by the Prime Minister’s office indicated on Monday.  Although the session was dedicated to the discussion of the draft budget, Prime Minister Hariri said at the beginning of the meeting: “The repeated threats by officials in the Israeli government, and in the media, against the civilians in Lebanon and their legitimate institutions and infrastructure aim at covering up Israel’s constant violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, while Lebanon abides by it and calls for its full implementation”. He added: “I ask the Foreign minister (GebranBassil) to prepare a list of these Israeli official stances announced in the media, and prepare a detailed letter about them to the UN Security Council so that the international community shoulders its responsibility in facing this deliberate tautening and this unconcealed threat to regional stability”.

Joseph Aoun, Army Commander pledged to boost the military's capabilities to defend Lebanon

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Newly-appointed Army Commander General Joseph Aoun on Thursday pledged to boost the military’s capabilities and to do everything in his capacity so that the army remains “the certain guarantee for Lebanon’s unity, sovereignty, independence and dignity. I will employ all my efforts, expertise and knowledge to continue what you started in terms of boosting the military institution’s capabilities in personnel, equipment, arming and training to maintain its readiness, under any circumstances, to defend Lebanon in the face of its enemies, topped by the Israeli enemy on the southern border and terrorism and its cells on the eastern border and in any region of the country”, Aoun told his predecessor, General Jean Qahwaji, during a handover ceremony in Yarze. Aoun also vowed to “exert utmost efforts and employ all possible means in order to liberate the troops that are being held captive by the terrorist groups (Islamic State)”.

The South Lebanon residents protesting Israeli incursions

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Protesting Israel’s recurrent violation against Lebanon’s southern territories, residents of the border town of Mays al-Jabal staged a sit-in in the presence of MP Qassem Hashem and a number of journalists. Israeli troops fired tear gas bombs in the direction of the campaigners to disperce them which led to several cases of suffocation. Meanwhile Israeli airplanes hovered over the region. On Wednesday, a 12-member Israeli force crossed the electronic fence in the outskirts of Mays al-Jabal in the Kroum al-Sharqi area. Troops planted spy devices consisted of a camera and a transmission instrument that are both solar powered. The development comes amid high tensions between Israel and Hizbullah that follow an exchange of threats and amid unconfirmed reports of Israeli airstrikes on Hizbullah posts inside Syria.

U.S. lawmakers push for answers of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government

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The resignation of National Security Advisor have brought to light the issue of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government, many Republican lawmakers claim that is made clarity on the subject, not only through the establishment of a bipartisan commission of inquiry but also through in-depth investigation by the Intelligence Agencies. The White House, with the help of the Department of Justice and loyalists of Capitol Hill, trying to ward off this possibility,the supporters of Trump are willing to initiate a parliamentary investigation as long as have lead it will be the existing Parliamentary Commitees led by the GOP. In this sense, the President has renewed yesterday, during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister, his esteem for the former Advisor Michael Flynn that,according to Trump,would be victim of “mistreatment by the media

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