On eve of 69th Independence Day, 89% of population 'proud' to be Israeli

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On the eve of Israel’s 69th Independence Day, 89% of the country’s citizens say they are “proud” to be Israeli. More than half (58%) of those polled said they were “very proud” of their nationality, and another 31% said they were “fairly proud” to be Israelis. Only 8% said they “were not very proud” and 1% said they were “not proud at all”. An additional 2% said they didn’t know whether or not they were proud to be Israeli.The poll was conducted on April 26 among a representative sample of 500 Hebrew-speaking Israelis. The poll also asked respondents what they saw as the most critical problem facing Israel, and security issues were far from the top of respondents’ list of concerns: 22% cited social schisms as the biggest problem in Israel, 21% pointed to the economic situation, and 18% said corruption was the biggest problem. Only 17% pointed to terrorism as the biggest problem in Israel.

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