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Egypt: Sisi arrives in UAE with Hafter and Serraj still in Abu Dhabi

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Egypt try to play a diplomatic role at regional level, especially in Libyan peace process. Indeed, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Sisi has arrived in the UAE for talks with Emirati leaders, but also reportedly to see Khalifa Hafter and Faiez Serraj who remain in Abu Dhabi. Even if information is not confirmed by authorities, Al Sisi would meet President Council head and Libyan National Army (LNA) chief during the official visit. Egypt has stressed Haftar, during last weeks, to move toward a Libyan accord to reach Libyan stability, in February 2016, Haftar refused to meet a est Libyan delegation in Cairo.

Trump and Al-Sisi discussed peace summit in US this summer

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US President Donald Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have discussed the possibility of holding an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit in the United States this summer. Indeed, Trump administration expects Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf Nation to play an active part in motivating the Palestinian side to return to the negotiating table. Al-Sisi has presented to President Trump the Arab Nation position on the conflict. Both countries have also evoked the renewal of an annual joint military training.

Egypt: Al-Sisi implementing serious reform programme with IMF

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During his five-day visit to the US, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi held a meeting in Washington on Monday evening with members of the American-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, headed by its president and CEO, Thomas J. Donohue. Al-Sisi claimed that Egypt is become a safe and stable country. He also recalled the importance of the implementation of IMF (International Monetary Fund) reform to help Egyptian economy to grew up. He noted that Egypt’s programme depends on 4 main axes: monetary policies, which aim at reducing the budget’s deficit and the national debt; fiscal policies, which aim at establishing a flexible exchange rate that attracts investors and also reduces the inflation; social protection through improving the efficiency of a subsidy system and creating a safety net for the poor; and a structural reform, which would fight bureaucracy and corruption.

The actual law on NGO's it still in Parliament according to Al-Kasby

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Conflict around NGO’s law. Indeed, the president Al-Sissi is accused by some media to have return the law for amendement (the law voted last November on NGO’s). But according to the head of the parliament’s Social Solidarity Committee, Abdel Hady Al-Kasby, denied that the approved NGOs bill has been sent to the president, adding that the draft law is still present in the parliament. So the actual conteteste law on NGO’s it still in Parliament according to Al-Kasby. Its law controverted  by NGOs and social society will be again at the centre of debate.

Our blood is cheap: Mubarak acquittal leaves Egyptians numb

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After the judgement of the Egyptian Supreme Court of Justice, which has judge the former president Mubarak not guilty of killing protesters in January 2011, some protestations come from the people. “The verdict was completely expected”, Mohamed Mostafa, a researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, told MEE. He has add after, that people have other things to do now, better to know if he was condemned or not. Economical crisis, humanitarian crisis, terrorisms, torture. This verdict is to be expected –  “they are criminals, and our current regime is made up of criminals”, said member of the Revolutionary Movements Coalition in the years following the revolution. The actual regime seems to protect the former. But people are too fearful to protest against Al-Sissi regime.

Sinai: Jihadist attacks against Christians grow in number

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Dozens of Coptic families have fled North Sinai as jihadist attacks against Christians grow in number. Simultaneously, Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis fired missiles across the border into Israel, prompting an Israeli response that killed several Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis operatives in Egypt, and security forces launched a new sweep of Gabal Al-Halal, a notorious militant hideout.According to sources interviewed, the connection is clear. It is reinforced, they say, by the growing role played by Gaza jihadists in the leadership of Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, a role they claim is reflected in the ferocious campaign to discredit Cairo’s policy towards the Palestinian-Israeli negotiating process, which has included leaks from the Aqaba summit and the spreading of rumours of a land exchange that would allow Palestinians to settle in Sinai.Analysts also believe the attacks against Copts are part of an attempt to place Egypt in an awkward situation internationally. The recent incidents occurred in tandem with a number of high-profile visits — of the British foreign secretary and the German chancellor — and ahead of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s upcoming visit to the US.The idea of “correspondence” between radical Islamist organisations begs the question of Muslim Brotherhood involvement.A security source points to the resemblance between the video claiming responsibility for the bombing of St Peter’s Church in December and the video posted on Al-Nabaa calling for attacks against Copts. Both, he says, display “a distinct Brotherhood tone perceptible in the rhetorical details suggesting that the Brotherhood media machine or, more precisely, rebel factions within the Brotherhood such as Hasm and the Revolution Brigade, had a hand in its making”.

Merkel: Germany will deport Egyptians who entered illegally

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After her two-days visit in Egypt, and more globally after her visit in Midde-East, Nord Afrique, Merkel has confirmed her volunty to stop every kind of illegal immigration. Around 1000 Egyptian are arrived in Germany illegaly. Chancellor Merkel and Al-Sissi has talked about the acceleration of their deportation to Egypt. The German Chancellor asked also to Egypt and its neighbourg, to have a better control of their border and accelerate the returning process of migrants whose aren’t accepted for asylum. This position of Merkel has created some criticism in her country, especially and the negoation of Human Rights in Egypt.


Islamic State militant group called on its supporters to attack Christians in a video where it claimed responsibility for a attack on a church in Cairo

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Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Tuesday that he had rejected an earlier plan to evacuate North Sinai of its residents to better combat Jihadists in the area. “Forty months ago, I received a plan to evacuate the entire North Sinai region to combat terrorism. My answer was ‘no,’ let the people live their lives and we will act like a surgeon who uses his scalpel to extract the tumor without harming the rest of the body”, the president said on Tuesday at the Presidential Leadership Program for youth. El-Sisi’s comments come as dozens of Christians have fled North Sinai over the past few days over attacks against Copts in the governorate. El-Sisi asserts that these latest attacks aim at spreading the idea that the state is failing to protect “a primary element” of the Egyptian nation. Last week, the Islamic State militant group called on its supporters to attack Christians across the country in a video where it claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a church in Cairo in December. Several days after the video was released, three Christians were murdered in El-Aris.

Al-Sisi participated in a “secret summit” between Netanyahu, John Kerry and Arab leaders

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The Egyptian presidency issued a statement on Sunday to comment on recently published press reports suggesting that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi participated in a “secret summit” between Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former US secretary of state John Kerry, and Arab leaders. While not denying participation in the meeting, the presidency said that “Egypt spares no efforts to reach a just and permanent solution to the Palestinian issue, based on the two-state solution and the Palestinians’ right to establish an independent state along the June 4, 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, without any political outbidding”. On Sunday, Israeli news website Haaretz published an exclusive report stating that Netanyahu took part in a secret summit in Aqaba a year ago. Participants allegedly included Kerry, Al-Sisi, and King of Jordan Abdullah II. The report said that Kerry’s proposal was rejected by Netanyahu but was supported by the two Arab leaders. The proposal reportedly included the recognition of the Jewish state and the renewal of talks with the Palestinians with support of the Arab countries.

Shaker meets the Russian company Rosatom to help Egypt improve standards and legislation of the nuclear energy

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Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker will present a report to Al-Sisi regarding the outcomes of the meeting with the Russian company Rosatom to sign the Dabaa nuclear power plant contracts. Government sources said that the negotiations with Russia are about to be completed within weeks, especially since a governmental committee held intensive discussions and meetings with Russian officials during the past two weeks and agreed upon the final form to complete the contract. The sources indicated that the ongoing discussions include the supply of nuclear fuel to nuclear power generation units, obligations of each party during operations, maintenance and units repair, reprocessing method of the wasted/consumed nuclear fuel and how to deal with it, provision of expertise and technical support during the operation, and helping Egypt in improving standards and legislation of the nuclear energy and infrastructure sector. The sources said that Shaker will present the report to Al-Sisi before the societal dialogue, planned to be held in the city of Dabaa on 25 February. The government agreed with the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation on the establishment of a nuclear power plant with a capacity of 4,800MW. The agreement included the signing of four contracts for the engineering, supply, operation, and maintenance of the power plant for a period of 10 years. It also includes the supply of fuel for 60 years.

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