Shaker meets the Russian company Rosatom to help Egypt improve standards and legislation of the nuclear energy

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Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker will present a report to Al-Sisi regarding the outcomes of the meeting with the Russian company Rosatom to sign the Dabaa nuclear power plant contracts. Government sources said that the negotiations with Russia are about to be completed within weeks, especially since a governmental committee held intensive discussions and meetings with Russian officials during the past two weeks and agreed upon the final form to complete the contract. The sources indicated that the ongoing discussions include the supply of nuclear fuel to nuclear power generation units, obligations of each party during operations, maintenance and units repair, reprocessing method of the wasted/consumed nuclear fuel and how to deal with it, provision of expertise and technical support during the operation, and helping Egypt in improving standards and legislation of the nuclear energy and infrastructure sector. The sources said that Shaker will present the report to Al-Sisi before the societal dialogue, planned to be held in the city of Dabaa on 25 February. The government agreed with the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation on the establishment of a nuclear power plant with a capacity of 4,800MW. The agreement included the signing of four contracts for the engineering, supply, operation, and maintenance of the power plant for a period of 10 years. It also includes the supply of fuel for 60 years.

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