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Rouhani opens 5th WAIC summit in Qazvin

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The 5th World Assembly of Islamic Cities (WAIC) summit has convened Sunday in the Iranian city of Qazvin with President Hassan Rouhani in attendance. In addition to representatives from the United Nations, ambassadors, governors and a number of urban and religious science scholars from Iraq, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Palestine, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan are also in attendance. Over 800 Iranian and international guests are taking part in the 5th summit of the World Assembly of Islamic Cities currently underway at Imam Khomeini International University in Qazvin. The World Assembly of Islamic Cities (WAIC) is an international non-governmental and not-for-profit organization which promotes sustainable urban development according to the ideals of Islam. WAIC seeks to provide a forum for exchange of approaches to sustainable Islamic Cities from technological, scientific, managerial, cultural and spiritual perspectives.

Yemen expresses disappointment at Arab Summit outcomes

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Following the Arab Summit held at the Dead Sea in Jordan a Foreign Ministry official expressed disappointment on the outcomes of the final statement of the Summit, which according to him ignored the peace process in Yemen and the daily killing of Yemeni civilians by the Saudi-led aggression coalition. The official added that the United Nations Security Council resolution 2216 legitimized the the Saudi-led aggression coalition war and their anti-humanitarian crimes in the country. In fine according to the yemeni official the Arab League has stood against the Yemeni people too.

King Salman stresses on a peaceful solution in Yemen

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During the 28th Arab Summit opening session King Salman stressed the importance of a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen based on the Gulf initiative and outputs of the national dialogue. He also underlined the importance of unity and stability of Yemen. Moreover he talked about Syria and said that in Syria in necessary a peaceful solution too. In fine King Salman highlighted that “the most dangerous thing facing our Arab nation is terrorism and extremisms”.

Arab Leaders At Summit Endorse Two-State Solution

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The 28th Araban League Summit endorsed the two-state solution in its closing statement on Wednesday, saying the Arab world would be ready to reconcile with Israel if it withdrew from the land it conquered in the 1967 war. They affirmed that they will continue to work to relaunch serious Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations that take place within a set period of time based on the two-state solution. Trump surprised Arab leaders on February 15 when he said that he does not commit to a two-state solution. He said to Nethanyau that he’s looking at two-state or one-state, he likes the one that both parties like. He’s very happy with the one both parties like. Abbas also said that Arab leaders will convey the summit’s conclusions on the Israel-Palestinian conflict to Trump in “one voice” in their upcoming meetings with the American president. Abbas also said that Israel s preventing peace and cooperation infact Israel is continuing to expand settlements and undermining the chances of achieving peace. The parties discussed a final agreement that would include recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and changes to the pre-1967 armistice lines through land swaps.

Rudaw sees draft resolution from Arab leaders in Amman against Iran

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Arab leaders at the 28th Arab Summit in Amman are urging action to condemn Iranian “meddling” in regional affairs in order to promote stability in the Middle East, according to a draft resolution, formed by 15 fundamental points, seen by Rudaw. Lebanon, Tunisia, and Iraq have, however, expressed reservations about the resolution. “We meet in a difficult Arab era dominated by crisis and conflicts that deprive our region of the security and stability they need to attain our people’s rights”, Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi told his fellow foreign ministers in a pre-summit meeting, Reuters reported. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi travelled to Jordan on Tuesday evening to attend the summit.

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