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Rouhani: Elections properly echoed voice of nation

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President-elect Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said the 12th government will be more efficient with fewer mistakes as elections properly echoed voice of nation congratulating the Iranian nation for creation of such epic, Rouhani promised that the upcoming government will be more accountable and is to employ powerful arms in line with national resolve. peaking in the cabinet ministers, he said the government is to spare no efforts to attain its goals through unity, Rouhani said.  In fact, pens and tongues are not able to properly depict massive presence of people in these elections and my tongue is unable to appreciate people for the active role, he said. People were determined to make decision on the fate and accomplished the task decisively, he said.  The country’s youths voiced their demands which was nothing except a better life as well as voices of girls and ladies who wanted more share in social life and the voice of all families who mind the future of their beloved children along with the voice of all ethnical and religious minorities and those suffering from lies and accusations, Rouhani said.  Result of elections brought no political parties failure or defeat, the president-elect underlined.  The future of the country does not belong to a specific political wing, but it belongs to all and in this responsibility we require assistance of all sides, he said. “We need to share hands in the struggles with the opponents in the region and the world and are determined to spare no efforts to this end,” Rouhani said.  He also thanked the Iranians residing in foreign countries who took part in these elections and proved that they mind their motherland.


Iranians can vote in 11 polling stations in UK: Envoy

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Iranians can cast their votes in 11 polling stations across Britain and all preparations have been done for holding successful elections, Iranian Ambassador to London Hamid Baeedinejad. He made the remarks in a message released on his page in telegram. “We will do our best to use the electoral competitions as an opportunity to show unity and consolidation among all Iranians”.The envoy added that his embassy is working with all Iranian cultural centers in the UK, including the Islamic and education centers as well as the students unions, for holding the election. ‘About 120 educated people and students would help the Iranian embassy for holding the election”, he noted. Baeedinejad said that 11 polling stations with 12 ballot boxes have been considered for Iranian to cast their votes. Six ballot boxes have been designated to five polling stations in the capital, London, and there will be also ballot boxes in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds and Cardiff cities, he added. The ambassador said that all Iranian nationals can register for voting if they present credible passport or identity card. Ebrahim Raeisi, custodian of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine, Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri, Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, former minister of culture and Islamic guidance Mostafa Mirsalim and former minister of physical education Mostafa Hashemi Taba, as well as President Hassan Rouhani are the six candidates to run for presidency in the forthcoming presidential elections. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution which led to the fall of the Pahlavi regime, Iran has held one election each year on average, all of which have witnessed large turnout of the people.

Trump's Nafta revamp could near boiling point at Mexico election

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The time table drawn up by the Trump’s administration,explained in an interview by the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, about the change of NAFTA could complicate the scenery of the presidential elections in Mexico, planned for 2018, benefiting the candidate of the populist left wing Manuel López Obrador, precisely in this regard the mexicans Foreign Minister and Minister of Economy are pushing to quickly opening the negotiations, in the hope that these terminate by the end of this year. Even Canada would be ready to sit down now at the negotiating table.


Saleh calls for House of Representatives and presidential elections by February 2018

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House of Representatives (HoR) President Ageela Saleh has called for a fresh parliamentary elections to be held by February 2018 according to House of Representatives spokesman Fathi Al-Maryami. Saleh also wants Presidential elections to take place at the same time. The news comes a day after the HoR voted to suspend its involvement in the Libya Dialogue process because of fighting in the central oil crescent region, and is seen as a response to this. Ageela Saleh is said to have wanted progress on the dialogue team. His decision to call for direct presidential elections (and possibly even those for the HoR) is likely to be contested, as it is not his to make and had already the subject of legal action. Back in 2014, the then General National Congress decided that the future HoR would choose whether a president should be directly elected or appointed by the HoR itself. This never happened. Moreover, the issue is further complicated by the notorious Supreme Court ruling in November 2014 which opponents of the HoR took to mean that the elections for it had been nullified and that therefore it did not exist.


Donald Trump expressed again its doubts about the alleged Russian interference in the presidental election

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The President-elect Trump expressed, once again, on twitter all his doubts about the alleged Russian interference in the presidential election of November. Trump had repeatedly expressed his doubts about the possibility of cyber attacks suffered by the Democratic National Committee and by the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, John Podesta, had been put in place by Russian agents to facilitate his victory, but this time the New Yorker tycoon also has on his side the WikiLeaks statements, which exclude that the hacked documents have been published by Russians. From Washington to support the attacks launched on twitter Trump has deployed his Vice Mike Pence that said that Trump’s words have been well understood by the Americans. There is also to be noted that the meeting with Intelligence’s heads that Trump should have had today has been moved to Friday.

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