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Sisi Underlines Facing Terrorist Groups without Prejudice, Settling Palestinian Cause

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Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi told the Arab-Islamic-US summit in Riyadh on Sunday that there are four elements to deal with terrorism – facing terrorist groups without prejudice, confronting all dimensions of the terrorism phenomenon, eradicating terrorist groups’ ability to recruit new fighters and settling the Palestinian cause based on a fair, final and comprehensive solution. Al-Sisi told that this summit had a symbolical importance, to show the unity of Islamic World in front of terrorist threat. Sisi praised US President Donald Trump’s vision and decisive policies in facing terrorism. “I have no doubt that the US contribution will bring about the qualitative change needed in the fight against terrorism” told Egypt President.

Future bloc after weekly meeting.

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Future bloc categorically considered what happened in Ain Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp as a characterized crime which puts the major national constants at high risk. The bloc fervently condemned the deadly and destructive clashes spurred by an extremist group with external ties in Ain al-Hilweh camp in Sidon, resulting in dozens of deaths, wounded and huge destruction throughout the camp and its surroundings. The bloc considered what happened in Ain al-Hilweh in terms of attempts by some to hit the security plan unanimously agreed upon by all the Palestinian factions and parties for the security of the camp and its environs, is a continuous and relentless crime against the mother cause, the Palestinian cause, and against Lebanon and its economy and civil peace.


Elie Aoun: Lebanon's sacrifices for the Palestinian cause led to civil war

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Member of the Democratic Gathering, MP Elie Aoun, told Free Lebanon radio on Saturday that the many sacrifices Lebanon has made for the Palestinian cause led the country into civil war; thus, Palestinian factions are now required to cooperate with the Lebanese State to limit security breaches in refugee camps. Aoun argued that Palestinian factions refused to hand over their camps’ security to the Lebanese Army under the pretext that such a matter required dialogue with the State, army and security forces. The issue that required internal dialogue was the weapons of Hezbollah. Once such dialogue took place, a security strategy, which preserved the dignity of the Lebanese army, could be reached.

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