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Islamic State seeks to impose religious rules in Egypt's North Sinai

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Islamic State could be imposing its rules over North Sinai Provicne, according to Reuters. Indeed, Interviews with residents of North Sinai and reviews of Islamic State videos suggest the group’s local affiliate, known as Sinai Province, is seeking to impose its hardline interpretation of Islam on the local populace for the first time. According to Sinai Province videos reviewed by Reuters, the group has created a morality police force, known as a Hisba, to enforce strict rules against such behaviour as smoking, men shaving their beards or women exposing their faces. And, even if the Cairo policy toward islamic groups is cleared, the eradication of these groups, we can still deplored terrorist attacks, and peoples killed or injured by IS in North Sinai Province. According to the report, IS try to keep an influence on the area, in despite of controlling a geographic area.

Egypt: Militant group Hassm claims responsability for attack on Nasr City chekpoint

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North Sinai victim of new attacks against Egypt authorities. On Monday, two policemen had been killed, and 5 people injured in Nasr City. The attack happened on a checkpoint of the city. Attack is vindicated by a new-born terrorist group, named “the Hawks of Determination”. The terrorist group announced the death of 6 people, and has promised to publish a video of the attack on social media, soon. The group, form in 2016, has vindicated other similar attacks since June 2016 in the region. However, even if this attack show insecurity in North Sianai, we need to underline that according to the latest report by the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policies (TIMEP), the number of terrorist attacks in Egypt decreased in the last quarter of 2016 to 168, compared to 209 in the third quarter, with 92 percent of the attacks taking place in North Sinai.

Egyptian army forces destroys 2 Gaza border tunnel

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Egyptian army forces destroyed two cross-border tunnels linking Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula with the blockaded Gaza Strip. Both was located to the North Sinai city of Rafah. Operations had killed 6 peoples and 29 suspects had been detained. These news destructions bring the total number of galleries destroyed by Egyptian amy since mid-January to 21 cross-borders galleries destroyed.

Security campaigns in North Sinai: 300 suspects arrested

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After the death of 5 Egyptian’s soldats, killed by a bomb attack in North Sinai, and the death of 18 civil these last days due to attacks, since the beginning of March, security campaigns in North Sinai have killed at least 30 militants, arrested more than 165 suspects over terror-related charges, detained about 300 suspects over charges including smuggling and illegal migration, ruined several smuggling tunnels, detonated dozens of explosive devices and seized large amounts of weapons and ammunition. Most of these attacks had been vindicated by a terrorist group affiliate to ISIS.

Ghaffar and Sobhi visited security forces in North Sinai

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Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar and Minister of Defence Sedki Sobhi visited security forces stationed in North Sinai to boost morale. The DefenceMinsiter, after to have greats Egyptian’s troops in Sinai, has recalled the importance of their mission to fight and eliminate terrorism from Egypt. After the exodus of Copt families last week, due to massive attacks against their community, Egyptian’s government has deployed forces in some cities to maintain peace and stability.

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