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Nigeria: nine foreigners arrested for stealing crude in Delta

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The Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS, DELTA said it has nabbed 10 suspected oil thieves onboard in Delta. The Commander of NNS Delta, Ibrahim Dewu, disclosed this while parading the suspects at Focados River, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta on Wednesday. Mr. Dewu said that the suspects were caught while siphoning crude oil into the vessel from Afremo A platform, a loading jacket belonging to the Shell Petroleum and Development Company (SPDC) in Forcados River. According to him, they had siphoned about 2000 metric tonnes of crude oil from the loading jacket before they were caught. “This vessel has been around our water, what they do is that they go into the high sea during the day, they come late night and connect to the Jacket and siphon crude oil”. Is now ongoing an operation called “Delta Safe Operation River Sweep Two and Operation Tsare Teku”, the navy would continue to check illegalities in the nation`s maritime domain. Oil companies owning loading jackets are being advised to keep constant watch on their platforms.

Lower oil prices, sabotage reduce revenue shared by federal, states, local govt by N36 billions

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Nigeria’s distributable government revenues fell to N429.127 billion naira in February from N465.19 billion in January due to lower oil prices (which fell from $49.57 to $44.74 per barrel durign February). The Office of the Accountant General of the Federation declared ina  statement that the fall was determinated  by the sabotage of the nation’s oil pipelines by Niger Delta militants. Infact the pruduction  of the oil diminished in that period beacuse of the leakages in the pipelines. Nigeria is an OPEC member, had been hit by the fall in global crude prices since mid 2014 and last year entered in its first recession. Militants have carried out attacks on oil and gas facilities in the Niger Delta energy hub for a year, cutting oil production, they want the oil hub to share the country’s energy.

President Buhari pleads with the Niger Delta’s people to stop destroying the pipelines

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly pleaded with the people of Niger Delta to stop the destruction of pipelines and embrace agriculture. Buhari urged the people of the region to take advantage of the huge potential in agriculture and stop the destruction of oil and gas pipelines, which only served to destroy the country’s ecosystem and economy. He said that his administration was committed to doing “everything possible” to support Niger Delta to achieve their potential in agriculture which is far more than its endowments in oil and gas.

The militants says attackers have bombed oil pipelines

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Nigerian militants and a local leader say attackers have bombed oil pipelines 100km apart, the fifth attack this month in response to a military campaign in Nigeria’s southern, petroleum-producing Niger Delta. Community leader Stephen Igwe says two other explosions blasted Italian company Agip’s Tebidaba-Brass pipeline. An Avengers statement warns of “continuous attacks” in retaliation for military raids. It questions the sincerity of government negotiations to address demands for justice and development in the oil-polluted region. Oil companies do not comment on attacks.

Niger Delta Avengers give 7 days to Federal Government and NUPENG to make all oil companies evacuate

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The Niger Delta militant group known as Niger Delta Avengers under the leadership of Adaka Boro has vow to go on rampage in seven days. The group in a statement signed by General Edmos Ayayeibo Spokesperson for Adaka boro Avengers, on Thursday, said they gave the Federal Government and NUPENG seven days to immediately ask all multinational oil companies operating in the Niger Delta region to evacuate our territory. As failure to do so will lead to untold calamity on staff and on oil and gas installations.

Another oil pipeline blown up by Nigerian militants

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Nigerian militants say they have blown up again an oil pipeline carrying crude for export from Shell’s Forcados terminal in the country’s south. It’s the third attack in eight days on the Trans Forcados pipeline network. Militants and community leaders want development and a bigger share of revenues from oil that has massively polluted the southern Niger Delta. The Niger Delta Avengers said the Tuesday night’s bombing is to reinforce warnings for oil companies to desist from repairing attacked installations.

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