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Egypt: Sisi arrives in UAE with Hafter and Serraj still in Abu Dhabi

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Egypt try to play a diplomatic role at regional level, especially in Libyan peace process. Indeed, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Sisi has arrived in the UAE for talks with Emirati leaders, but also reportedly to see Khalifa Hafter and Faiez Serraj who remain in Abu Dhabi. Even if information is not confirmed by authorities, Al Sisi would meet President Council head and Libyan National Army (LNA) chief during the official visit. Egypt has stressed Haftar, during last weeks, to move toward a Libyan accord to reach Libyan stability, in February 2016, Haftar refused to meet a est Libyan delegation in Cairo.

Militants bring down another Benghazi bridge say LNA sources.

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Conflicts continuing in Libya, between Tripoli and Tobruck Militants in Sabri have blown up a second road bridge in an apparent effort to reinforce their positions in the besieged Benghazi enclave. According to the Libyan National Army overnight yesterday explosives were used to bring down a span of a bridge to the east of the district. According to population, the explosion isn’t due to an airstrike, but due to an explosion prepared on the ground. However, since 48h, Sabri and the smaller militnt enclave of Suq Al-Hout, are bombed by Haftar army.

LNA airforce hits Third Force positions outside Sebha

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Last Friday, LNA (Libyan National Army) has launched an attack against Misrata’s Third Force, near Sebha airport. This attack followed an other 3 kilometres more at the north, which has targeted a Turkish company accused to help Third Force forces, according to LNA. Sebha municipality, in an official statement from Tuesday (publish only on Friday) urged both forces to stop fighting to preserve civil lives. They also hope to reopen Tamenhint airbase, closed in mid-January. Municipality also calls Tripoli government to increase the protection of South borders of the country from drug and terrorism especially.

Al-Wafa pipeline reopened, NOC scorns allegations LNA using its airstrips

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The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has rejected accusations it allowed Libyan National Army (LNA) planes to launch and then attack its targets in the south from the Al-Feel oilfield airstrips. Actually the oilfield is under Presidency Council (PC) and the affiliated guard the so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG).Salem Abu Rawi spokesman for the ‘Desert Rage’ operation in the south, claimed that the LNA were using the airstrip to strike targets in the south and thus inflicting misery on civilians. In front of the situation NOC (Libyan National Oil Corporation) asked to different forces to stop to drop its organisation in a political conflict, so between different political forces which are trying to lead the country.

Benghazi Defence Brigades quit Jufra as PC defence minister orders action against LNA

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New evolutions in conflicts opposing the LNA (Libyan National Army) and BDB (Benghazi Defence Brigade) in the country. The Benghazi Defence Brigade has announced that it has pulled out of Jufra airbase near Hun and handed it over the general chief of staff of the Libyan army (the army supporting the Presidency Council). It says it has gone to another location, but has not disclosed there this it. However, in Tamenhint airbase, BDB is still in sate of siege by LNA. The PC (Presidency Council) of Tripoli ordered to its forces to move to Southern Libya to fight LNA and the Islamic State in the area, under the so-called operation: Al-Amal Al-Muad (“The Promise of Hope”).

Haftar's fighter aircraft attack opponents positions in Benghazi

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New wave of violences in the conflict between Benghazi and the LNA (Libyan National Army). The warplanes of Dignity Operation, led by Khalifa Haftar, have carried out over five airstrikes on Benghazi Shura Council in the neighborhoods of Al-Sabri, Sooq Al-Hoot, and Ekhraibish, sources from the media said on Monday. Since two weeks, Dignity Operation has started warplanes attacks.

Libya war: Haftar forces accused of war crimes over alleged civilian killings

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New allegation of violences from East Libyan Army. Starving residents of a besieged neighbourhood in the eastern city of Benghazi were killed by members of Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) as they tried to flee aboard a bus to find food last month, relatives of the victims have told Middle East Eye. Around 25 peoples had been killed during those exactions. The Human Right Watch, asked General Haftar to fulfil investigations.

Russia’s Libya presence is giving the US a splitting headache.

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Global development of Russian influence in Libya give some worries to US administration “It is my view that they are trying to increase their influence in this critical part of the globe,” Gen. Joseph Votel, who oversees US forces in the region, told the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month. Russian influence increases in Middle East (Syria, Afghanistan, Libya). This influence passes by financial sustains to armed factions in Libya (that recalled the debate around LNA’s victory in the Oil Crescent, where some rumours told that Haftar Arm had been helped by Russia and/or Egypt in the re-conquest.

Egypt's Chief of staff says his country persuaded Haftar to repudiate grave-digging crimes.

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The Egyptian Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Hijazi, said Tuesday that he and Khalifa Haftar had prolonged discussions over a couple of days aiming at convincing the latter to disavow and apologize for the crimes of exhuming the bodies from Ganfouda graves, and killing and torturing civilians and women by his militias in Benghazi. Hijazi told Haftar, that in case of no-disavowing of exactions, he’ll be consider as terrorist organisation. Egypt seems to have a preference for LNA and General Hafter as Libyan counterpart, indeed, last month, Egypt has refused to meet the Seraij, the Libyan President in Tripoli.

Haftar’s forces claim victory in battles in east Libya.

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East Libyan forces said they captured the final holdout of Islamist-led rivals in the southwest of Benghazi yesterday, ending weeks of resistance by fighters camped in a cluster of apartment blocks. After three years of resistance in Bengazhi, LNA army told that it took control of all the parts of Benghazy. According to first informations, Humanitarians conditions had not been respected, and the evacuation of population has failed.

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