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Terrorist attack in a military hospital in Kabul: 49 victims

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The victims in the terrorist attack in a military hospital in Kabul rises to 49. Salim Rassouli, director of Kabul hospitals has confirmed this statements. Gunmen went through the 400 bed, shooting doctors, patients and visitors. The attack on Afghanistan’s largest military hospital, close to the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, underlined warnings from security officials of an increase in high profile attacks in Kabul this year. Survivors have said that it was been difficult understand what happened but then they have seen people with Ak-47 and bombs.

Explosions and gunfire in Kabul, Taliban claimed attacks

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Explosions and gunfire echoed in Kabul on Wednesday in two separate Taliban assalt, said afghan officials. A suicided bomber struck a district of the Afghan police and after that it is been a gun battle, said the Interior Minister. He added that minutes later another suicide bomber blew himself while he was trying to enter the Afghan Intelligence Agency in eastern Kabul. There are victims but the authorities don’t say the official number. The Afghan health ministry said 18 wounded people, some of them seriously, had so far been taken to hospitals. Taliban claimed both attacks.

New Taliban attack in Kabul

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Four gunmen have been killed after trying to storm a guesthouse in a diplomatic area of the Afghan capital, Kabul, police say. The attack resulted in an overnight gun battle in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, home to several embassies and official buildings.

The Taliban says it launched the attack. It lasted at least six hours. The assailants were armed with a rocket propelled grenade launcher and other weapons, the interior ministry said. No civilian or military casualties were reported.

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