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Egypt: Regeni and many others

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The Eu Parliament has officially disapproved Giulio Regeni’s death in Egypt on March, 10. While Egyptian government has changed the idea and has called Italian investigators to be notified of local detective work.

But this last openness is not enough. Since his death, Egyptian autorithies, as told by Giza Chief Prosecutor to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, have never collaborated with Italian government to solve the murder.

And Regeni’s case is one of many. For example, we need to remember the latest arrest of Amr Ali, April 6 Movement leader, guilty of propaganda against Al Sisi regime. Or why don’t remember Muslim Brotherood’s persecution, peaked with the sentence of death on former president Morsi?

What PhD Regeni was examing before his death concerned the lack of democratic debate since Al Sisi’s arrival. An arrival peaked with all oppositions persecution which also caused the terrorism on rise. Not only in Sinai, where Sinai Province (affiliated to Islamic States) is operative, but also in Cairo, where a bomb explosion injured three people on Wednesday.

While Western countries are fighting Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, Al Sisi has created a regime similar to Mubarak and Nasser ones. On the one hand, the Suez Canal enlargement or air raid in Lybia and Yemen within Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, a totalitarian regime just like Islamic State.

Since 2013, number are tragic (sourced by Human Right Watch)

– from July 2013 to 2014: about 40,000 arrested and sentenced;
– from July 2014 to now: at least 23,000 terrorism related arrests;
– from January to June 2015: 47 prisoners dead and 209 killed by health carelessness;
– from 2013 to now: at least 3,000 sentences of death, 465 tortured and 163 tortured during imprisonment.
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