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Chaman border attack: IG FC says 50 Afghan soldiers killed, 100 injured in retaliatory fire

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Inspector General Frontier Corps (FC) Major General Nadeem Ahmed has said Afghan forces targeted civilian population while Pakistan targeted their check-posts, inflicting heavy casualties. At least 10 people including an FC personnel and women, children were killed and 47 others injured when Afghan forces targeted troops guarding a census team in Chaman on Friday. “Afghan forces entered Pakistan and occupied houses to take position and launch an attack”, the IG FC told a news conference Sunday afternoon. “Pakistani forces, on the other hand, targeted Afghan security check-posts, killing 50 people and injuring 100”, Ahmed added. “The forces targeted civilians and used children as human shields”.

Continuous unreasonable closure of legal Pakistan-Afghanistan trade and transit

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Zakhilwal added that the argument presented, to stop terrorists from crossing over in Pakistan, does not carry any weight as “these points such as Torkham and Spin Boldak have been manned by hundreds of military and other security personnel” and have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure in place to verify identities. “Continuous unreasonable closure of legal Pak-Afghan trade and transit routes cannot have any other explanation except to be aimed at hurting the common Afghan people”, said the envoy in a social media post.

Explosions and gunfire in Kabul, Taliban claimed attacks

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Explosions and gunfire echoed in Kabul on Wednesday in two separate Taliban assalt, said afghan officials. A suicided bomber struck a district of the Afghan police and after that it is been a gun battle, said the Interior Minister. He added that minutes later another suicide bomber blew himself while he was trying to enter the Afghan Intelligence Agency in eastern Kabul. There are victims but the authorities don’t say the official number. The Afghan health ministry said 18 wounded people, some of them seriously, had so far been taken to hospitals. Taliban claimed both attacks.

Taliban group confirmed death of its leader Mullah Abdul Salam in Kunduz province

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Taliban group confirmed death of its leader Mullah Abdul Salam in Kunduz province. The officials are saying that Mullah Abdul Salam had a key role in the collapse of Kunduz city besides he plotted numerous other attacks in this province. Taliban launched numerous attacks on Kunduz city since they announced their spring offensive earlier last year. There are conflicting news about Death of the leader; some officials says that Mullah Abdul Salam is been killed in a airstrikes led by USA, while Others says that he is been killed during a special operation conducted by the Afghan forces.

Abdullah: Peace with Taliban possible but their safe havens must be eliminated first

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Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said, in a meeting with a delegation of the European Parlament, that peace is possible with the Taliban group but their safe havens must be eliminated first. He said there have been developments recently in Afghan peace process and reconciliation with Taliban is likely however their safe havens and training centers must be eliminated first. However the Afghan Government have successfully been fighting the terrorist groups. He also pointed towards the government’s efforts to bring reforms in the key sectors and said necessary reforms have been brought in the elections systems and efforts are underway for the upcoming elections.

Taliban attack has killed five members of the Afghan local police force

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An Afghan official says that a Taliban attack on a village in northern Faryab province has killed five members of the local police force. Karim Yuresh, spokesperons for the provincial police chief, said that Taliban has gained the control of the village, located in the Shirin Tagab district. The five members of the local police are been killed and other two are been wounded. Qari Yusouf Ahamdi, a Taliban spokesperson, claimed responsibility for the attack.

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