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Ghani has met the UAE officials to talk about security and cooperation with Afghanistan

The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has met the UAE officials to talk about security and cooperation between the two countries. It is been confirmed by the spokesman Shah Hussein Murtazawi. Earlier the commission delegation of Kandahar had told to Ariana News two neighboring countiries were involved in the terrorist attack in Kandahar, where 5 UAE officials had lost their lives. The President Ghani in this meeting has presented a reliable report on this attack to UAE officials, that point out innonce of Afghanistan. In the same time, Ghani, have to convince United Emirates Arab to give the necessary financial support to Afghanistan.

President-elect Donald Trump has been "shocked" by the terrorist events of last Monday

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President-elect Donald Trump has been “shocked” by the terrorist events that have bloodied last Monday, he said he wanted to wipe out the ISIS, for this reason will meet in Washington with Michael Flynn, security adviser of the White House, John Kelly , nominated Secretary of the Department of Homeland security, James Mattis, nominated Secretary of Defense, and Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of Statenominated. Trump from Palm Beach is planning the meeting and is in constant contact with his Vice Mike Pence. He is in his mansion in Florida where he is meeting with some possible members of his administration, in fact, the President-elect was still facing various appointments most notably that of the Secretary for Veterans Affairs.

There’s still no chance for meeting of the Normandy Quartet

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On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, affirmed that  there is still no possibility in sight for another ministerial meeting of the Normandy Quartet (Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine) since a road map on Donbass, that the ministers will have to approve, hasn’t been agreed on yet.  Lavrov also said that the Normandy Quartet leaders gave instructions to their foreign policy aides to draw up a road map, the aides have been maintaining constant contacts with each other. The aides have been working to outline the sequence of steps, taking into account the principle of simultaneous efforts, agreed on by the four leaders in Berlin on 20th of October. The principle concerns security sphere and political reforms that the Ukrainian authorities should carry out according to the Minsk agreements dated February 12, 2015.

Italy offers to train Suadi police personnel on security and counter- terrorism

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Saudi Arabia and Italy have pledged to work closely in the field of security and counter-terrorism following wide-ranging talks between Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman as well as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, Minister of Interior, on Monday. The talks focused on new initiatives in the fields of security, police training and counter-terrorism, besides a range of bilateral and regional issues. Alfano, who has had two-hour marathon talks with Crown Prince Mohammed on Sunday night, conveyed his country’s preparedness to train Saudi police personnel on security and counter-terrorism. “The training in Italy will help the Saudi personnel to acquire more policing skills and improve professionalism in the force” he added that “a technical delegation from Italy will shortly visit the Kingdom, or differntly, to prepare the details of the training programs.” The agreement in the field of police collaboration comes within the framework of a long-dormant security pact that was signed between the Kingdom and Italy in 2007.

Lebanese authorities are building a wall to isolate the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

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The Lebanese authorities have installed the first blocks of a wall that will isolate the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, named Ein Al-Hilweh. The camp, which is located southeast of Sidon city, is overcrowded with 80,000 refugees. The wall sparked anger within the Palestinians and the refugee communities, calling it the “Apartheid Wall” and “the wall of shame,” saying it will turn the camp into a big prison, and compared it to Israeli apartheid wall in the occupied Palestinian territories. Authorities in Lebanon maintain of the security watchtower will enable the army to better control the camp amid claims that militants seek refugee there.

Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Palestinian security forces

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On Thursday night a group of Palestinian youth shot live fire and locally made bombs at Palestinian security forces near the al-Faraa refugee camp in the occupied West Bank district of Tubas during a protest against the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s arbitrary detention of Palestinian youth in the refugee camp. While security forces attempted to open the closed street, two locally made bombs were thrown at them, prompting Palestinian forces to open fire in the air before chasing after the youth, security sources said.

Deputy Crown Prince wants more military cooperation and joint defense

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Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman chaired on Tuesday the 15th Joint GCC Defense Council meeting, stressing that the GCC’s Ministers of Defense should work towards more military cooperation and joint defense, as “ongoing events in the region make it incumbent upon us to cooperate and coordinate our efforts to meet future challenges.” We look forward to discussing all topics on the agenda of the meeting and putting it into effect and to discussing the outcome of the Camp David meeting, which included strengthening the military and security strategic partnership with the United States for more stability in the Gulf region” Crown Prince said.

A delegation of Italian journalists visit Tozeur for the start of the winter tourist season

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A delegation of Italian journalists arrived in Tozeur on Wednesday for a tour of the mountain circuit in Tamaghza on the occasion of the start of the winter tourist season. The members of the delegation, composed of a television journalist, a radio journalist and seven from Italian written press, expressed to TAP their admiration for the beauty of the place, the security that prevails and the reception reserved for them. Another Portuguese television delegation was due to travel to the mountain oasis circuit on Wednesday, the regional tourism commissioner Anouar Chatoui told TAP. On Thursday, a music group from Hungary is expected, in Tozeur, to make clips in several sites. Besides, a promotional campaign on the Ong Jmal site will be conducted in December via Belgian television, the regional commissioner said.

PM Chahed and French FM Ayrault discussed on the “Tunisia 2020” Conference on Investments

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Prime Minister Youssef Chahed met, on Wednesday in Paris, with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. In a statement to TAP, the French FM said that during the meeting they discussed the ways to provide the conditions for success of the International Conference on Investment “Tunisia 2020” scheduled for November 29 and 30. Emphasis was also placed on security co-operation between the two countries and the means and mechanisms that should be put in place to encourage the rapid return of French tourists to Tunisia. “France is actively encouraging tourists to visit Tunisia,” he said, adding that whoever believes in the Tunisian democracy should not hesitate to visit this country. Jean-Marc Ayrault also stressed that France is already very committed to Tunisia through the mobilisation of a EUR 1 billion fund over five years and contributes significantly to the doubling of European financial support to Tunisia.

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