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Iran’s carpet export to US rises by 96.7 percent.

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Industry, Mine and Trade Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh announced that the country’s carpet exports to the US have risen by 96.7 percent. “Iran exported carpets to the US valued at over $84 million showing remarkable rise as compared with $2.7 million exports the year before”, Nematzadeh said.He underlined that the capacity for export of Iran’s carpets to the US is very high and this market should be used in a well manner. Before the intensification of US-led sanctions against Iran in 2011, the country exported more than $600 million worth of carpets – mostly to the US – and had serious plans to raise it to $1 billion in the next year. In the US, Iranian carpets are offered from $5,000 to $200,000 a piece depending on the type of the fabric, design and intricacy employed in their making.


Saudi deputy crown prince says Trump is a "true friend of Muslims"

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After the meeting with US President Donald Trump, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince bin Salman hailed US President as a “true friends of Muslims” and affirmed he does not believe that Trump’s ban targets Islam specifically also because as senior adviser to Prince Mohammed said “Trump has an unprecedent and serious intention to work with the Muslim world”. Moreover this meeting marked a difference from Riyadh’s relationship with the Obama administration. In fine the White House has announced that the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and President Trump have discussed potential economic projects worth $200 billion.

Humberto de la Calle and Clara López are the presidential candidates most valued by the Colombian people

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Humberto de la Calle, former Vice President, and Clara López, the current Minister of Labour, are the presidential candidates most valued by the Colombian people, according to data provided by Gallup Company, both encounter the favor of the 49% of voters. The main problem is that ,compared to the data of December 2016, all the possible candidates have lost several favorable points among voters, such as López and de la Calle have lost the 5%, but de la Calle is the one with less negative reputation, only 22 % of the voters have a bad view of him,the negative reputation of López is in the order of 30%, the most hated candidate is the former Senator Piedad Córdoba, 66% of voters wouldn’t votefor her, the candidate who has the lost most in liking is the candidate of the urbistamovment, ÓscarIvánZuluaga, that meets the favor of 28% of voters, 13% less than in December.

The UN Security Council reaffirmed its intention to keep the situation in Yemen under continuos review

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Resolution 2342 was adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council, which reaffirmed its intention to keep the situation in Yemen under continuos review. The resolution reaffirmed the need for the “full and timely” implementation of the political transition following the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, in line with the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and Implementation Mechanism, and in accordance with Security Council resolutions and with regards to the Yemeni people expectations. The body that decided to renew the sanction until February 26th 2018 was composed by 15 members. It also decided to extend the mandate of the Panel of Experts until March 28th 2018

Egypt: doctor killed by militants of the IS-affiliated group of Sinai Province

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Un medico veterinario, è stato assassinato il Domenica sera per mano di militanti anonimi, che gli ha sparato mentre lascia la sua clinica privata a Al-Obour sobborgo nella città del Sinai del Nord di Al-Arishthe uccisi medico veterinario è residente copta di Al-Arish ed è stato sottoposto a tiro pesante da militanti anonimi subito dopo aver lasciato la clinica.” Il medico veterinario copta è stato ucciso da militanti del gruppo è affiliato di ‘Sinai Provincia’, come hanno recentemente mirato residenti copti della città. Il suo nome è William Bahgat Zakhar”, ha detto un giornalista del Nord-Sinai-based. Allo stesso modo, il Sabato sera, militanti anonimi ucciso un 55 anni civili ad Al-Arish mentre cercava di fermare il rapimento del figlio, che è stata presa dai militanti in seguito alla sparatoria.

Ghani has met the UAE officials to talk about security and cooperation with Afghanistan

The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has met the UAE officials to talk about security and cooperation between the two countries. It is been confirmed by the spokesman Shah Hussein Murtazawi. Earlier the commission delegation of Kandahar had told to Ariana News two neighboring countiries were involved in the terrorist attack in Kandahar, where 5 UAE officials had lost their lives. The President Ghani in this meeting has presented a reliable report on this attack to UAE officials, that point out innonce of Afghanistan. In the same time, Ghani, have to convince United Emirates Arab to give the necessary financial support to Afghanistan.

The UN refugee agency gives 400$ to refugees to send them back to Afghanistan

A human rights group has accused Pakistan of forcing hundreds of thousand afghan refugees back to their homeland. Human Rights Watch said that the UN refugee agency gives 400$ to refugees to convince them to return in Afghanistan. For Human Rights Watch this is a sort of bribe. “The exodus amounts to the world’s largest unlawful mass forced return of refugees in recent times,” the Human Rights Watch report said. In an interview Indrika Ratwatte, Pakistan’s country representative for the UN refugee agency, said there was police harassment and arrests of Afghan refugees in mid-2016, in a Pakistani province. Meanwhile Pakistan affirmed that it has had some problems to repatriate the refugees in relation to the insufficient security in these provinces.

HDP on the arrested deputies

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The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) will apply to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) if all legal avenues are exhausted in Turkey regarding their arrested deputies. The Kurdish issue-focused party appealed for the release of 10 of its lawmakers arrested on “terror” charges on Nov. 4, including its co-chairs.

EUROPOL supported spanish police against cyber criminal

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Europol has supported Spanish police* in an operation codenamed Walker, to take down a serious cybercriminal group during a coordinated action in Barcelona. With on-the-spot support from Europol, the action in Spain on 6 July resulted in the arrest of nine suspects, the dismantling of a sophisticated illegal call centre, six house searches and the seizure of numerous pieces of evidence; over 100 mobiles phones and stolen SIM cards, more than EUR 10 000 in cash, credit cards, computer equipment and other devices were taken away for further forensic examination.

The aim of this investigation was to target the cybercriminals and their accomplices who were involved in large scale telecommunication fraud as well as channelling and cashing-out the proceeds of their crimes. The criminals made fraudulent phone calls to premium service numbers set up and managed by other members of the criminal group based outside the EU. Each cybercriminal had their specialty and the group was involved in receiving mobile phones stolen from tourists in Spain, then harvesting and misusing the foreign mobile numbers (until they were blocked by the telecom operators in their countries), before then sending the money earned abroad.

Law enforcement analysed thousands of financial transactions to reconstruct the money flows and destinations across several jurisdictions. The criminal group relied on a network of accomplices who operated the destination bank accounts.

This was a very active criminal group and the damage caused by them is estimated to be at least EUR 2 million, affecting victims in various countries.

This international revenue share fraud (IRSF) is an insidious form of organised criminal activity that generates significant profits for the criminal groups and undermines the legal economy. The global estimated illegal income from this type of crime is more than EUR 45 million. Cooperation between law enforcement authorities, Europol and the telecommunication companies was crucial for the success of this operation, which represents a milestone in this specific area of digital crime.

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