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Sixteen UN members released after being taken hostage in eastern RDC

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Sixteen members of the UNO were freed after being taken in hostage during the day by south-Sudanese ex-rebels in a refugee camp in the east of the RDC.”We can confirm with joy that the set of 16 members of the Monusco (the mission of United Nations in RDC), who were held earlier (…) Were freed”, explained a person in charge of the UN, without giving however the generalities of the people which were held. “These abductions took place in the camp for war veterans of Munigi, in the east of the RDC. The camp is quiet and under total control of Monusco. All its members are gone back their home in safety”, added this person in charge. According to the same source, the incident did not make a victim and an investigation opened.

Kasaï – 50 Dead in Two Days of Clashes in Mweka

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About fifty people (it’s a provisional estimate) were killed during the confrontations of Thursday and Friday between militiaman Kamuina Nsapu and the army in the villages of Kabawu, Sungi and Sangila in Kasaï. Several victims’ bodies identified as militiaman Kamuina Nsapu were almost everywhere. “The uncivic were routed by the commandos of the FARDC and the number of persons killed would be sixty”, indicated the administrator of the territory of Mweka, Jean Shesh. According to an officer of the army, the servicemen arrived at Mweka were in confrontation with the militiamen with Kabawu, then to Sungi and to Sangila. The confrontations between forces of the militiamen, referring to the deceased traditional village chief Kamuina Nsapu in the provinces of Kasaï, Kasaï Central, Kasaï Oriental and Lomami, made more than 400 deaths and more than 150 000 moved in six months.

Congo: the Bruno Tshibala nominee pushes the country in the crisis

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The Bruno Tshibala nomination as a Prime Minister does not find the consent of many european parthner : the European Union observes the lack of consensus which surrounded his naming. For Brussels Kinshasa should appoint proper election by the end of the year. Kinshasa seems to isolates itself more and more, far from solving the problem the Bruno Tshibala nominee pushes the country in the crisis. It is made clear by the demonstration of the Opposition which create a paralysis of the city of Kinshasa yesterday morning. This was the official declaration by the European Union: The European Union (EU) takes note of the speech of President Kabila of April 5th on the state of the Nation, followed by the name of a new Prime Minister, contrary literally and to the spirit of the Agreement of December 31st, 2016. The UE observes the lack of consensus on this naming and marks its big concern on this matter. The restoring of a wide national consensus for a government appointed for elections before the end of the year is at the heart of said Agreement. In this respect, the EU supports the new resolution 2348 which the United Nations Security Council has just adopted unanimously, who asks RDC to set immediately the Agreement of December 31st, 2016, honestly and in its entirety.

Bruno Tshibala declared he will follow the Saint Sylvester agreement

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For the first time since he has been nominated, Bruno Tshibala (Prime Minister) had a meeting with the Congolase President Joseph Kabilia, in order to fix the priorities of the new government of transition. Bruno Tshibala declared he will follow the Saint Sylvester agreement, asking to UDPS party to substain him during his mandate, saying that he will do whataver is in his power to accomplish the agreement, which was about: the organization of the elections in the fixed terms, the control of macroeconomic frame, the restauration of the State in the critic areas. The mission of this government has been drown with the contribute of the Interdiocesan Centre too, during discussions led under the aegis of the bishops. 53 will be the members of Tshibala’s government, 39 ministers and 14 fice ministers, and for this reason he will have to consult all the parties, according to Saint Sylvestre agreement.

Diplomatic Isolation for Kabilia? Seems like there might be a cooling down between Vatican State and Kinshasa

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Seems like there might be a cooling down between Vatican State and Kinshasa. The proof is the cancellation of Pope Francis’s visit to RDC, therefore posticipated between july and august 2017. The reason why Pope Francis did cancel his visit to President Joseph Kabilia has been clearified during an interview in which the Pope expressed deep regret saying: < it was planned to go to Congo but, with Kabilia, I don’t think it will be possible to go>. At Kinshasa the common opinion is that Kabilia did not mantain his promise he made during a one year ago gathering at Rome: to work for a democratic alternance preparing the elections. But Kabilia preferred to not ensure the alternance fabricating excuses. The Government spokeperson’s reaction has been arrogant: “Pope’s visit will not change anything”. Now the question is: on who is going to count on RDC, if it isn’t accepted from his population nor international parthers? It is called: Diplomatic Isolation.

UN Organization in Human Rights ask Commission of enquiry on the violence committed against the civilians in DRC

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The High-Commissioner of the UN Organization in Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ Ad Al Hussein asked for the establishment of a Commission of enquiry on the violence committed against the civilians in DRC, after the discovery of three mass graves in Grand Kasai. The High Commissioner declared in front of the Council that his office will attentively watch the judicial development concerning the actions of the security forces which caused the death of more than 100 people between September and December. Moreover he complain too about the fact that no real progress has been made within the agreement concluded on December 31th 2016 between the Government and the opposition. The arrangement plans that president Joseph Kabila ( whose mandate ended in December 2016) will stay for an additional year. In return the Opposition has to rule a government of transition until the new election, planned at the end of 2017. In last februaryMr Hussein asked DCR to out an end to the “massive violation of Human Rights” and the massive executions committed bu its armed forces. Since september 2016 Grand Kasai is the theatre of a rebellion caused by the conflict between the village Chief KamwinaNsapu and the central power. This pushed the State to send armed forces of DCR where there was the risk of conflict, even massacring peaceful defenseless villagers.

Hot Spot – The Crisis Areas

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Not only Libya, Syria or Iraq. There are several crisis areas in the world. The events shown below talk about many wars and clashes in Africa, Middle East and Asia.


Democratic Republic of Congo
13 people were killed on March 19 due to clashes between DR Congo army and Mai Mai Simba troops in village of Central-Biakato.


Daesh militants retreated from Derna after a long time because of Tobruk army, leaded by Haftar, in Benghazi.

On April 19, the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, confirmed that “we are ready to support the government. “ This is the European answer after GNA request for help. Brussels will offer assistance with its security sector, managing migration, border management and police capacity building.

At the beginning of April, GNC voted its dissolution. So, former prime minister Ghwell left its office. Premier Serraj stregthened its position also because of support of Tripoli and Southern municipalities as well as Central Bank of Libya, Libyan Investment Authority and National Oil Corporation.


Somalia asked Russia to support its army against Al Shabaab group, which is continuing to strike in all Horn of Africa nation.


Two Arab factions, Arab Maaliya and Rizeiga, clashed in East Darfur State on April 18: over 20 people were killed. The fact was sparked by a livestock theft.


South Sudan
No respect for treaty of peace signed in 2015. A civil war which is continuing between Dinka and Nuer people from over 2 years. And at last the return to national capital Juba of Riek Machar. The recent news from South Sudan and the UN and Amnesty reports about crime against humanity illustrate a geopolitical disaster which is overlooked by international community.


On April 13, South Sudanese armed group killed about 210 civilians and abducted 100 of them close to Ethiopia’s border with South Sudan.


Over 61 people were killed in Province of Idlib on April 19 by Syrian Arab Air Force. The same warplane also targeted a residential area in the nearby town of Kafr Nabl, leaving five people dead, as civil defense official Omar Alwan told Anadolu Agency.


On April 20, security forces kill 40 ISIS fighters in Karma District and 70 in Bashir while 200 people escape from areas controlled by ISIS south of Mosul the day after. While Peshmerga’s source confirmed that ISIS should have used 12 rockets containing chemical substances in Kuwer axis.

Between April 17 and 19, international coalition, leaded by the US, airstriked ISIS in Kirkuk, killing at least 5 jihadists. The day before, Iraqi airforce destroyed 4 ISIS headquarters in Ramadi

Northern province of Anbar were liberated from ISIS after a few months. It was revealed by regular army and confirmed by local press.


Houtii accepted to partecipate to peace talking after UN envoy assured that the ceasefire of April 11 would be esteemed.

Yemeni forces reconquered Houta thanks to support of Saudi-led coalition and its Apache. The fight happened on April 14, when they defeated Al Qaeda troops.


A group of Talibans caused several explosions, especially targeting a building, in Kabul on April 19: about 65 people killed and at least 347 injured. Conversely, about 45 ISIS militants were killed in Nangarhar province on April 14 during an Afghan airstrike, as confirmed by Ministry of Defense.

While about 240 militants were killed or wounded after another airstrike the day before.


Some TTP’s talibans killed 7 policemen during vaccinations in Pakistan. The same group claimed responsibility after a few hours.


Clashes are continuing in the south of Myanmar. On April 8, Burmese army’s 63rd Light Infantry Battalion troops attacked KIA 18th Battalion’s Nbu Kawng. This only the last battle in the last weeks.
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