UN Organization in Human Rights ask Commission of enquiry on the violence committed against the civilians in DRC

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The High-Commissioner of the UN Organization in Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ Ad Al Hussein asked for the establishment of a Commission of enquiry on the violence committed against the civilians in DRC, after the discovery of three mass graves in Grand Kasai. The High Commissioner declared in front of the Council that his office will attentively watch the judicial development concerning the actions of the security forces which caused the death of more than 100 people between September and December. Moreover he complain too about the fact that no real progress has been made within the agreement concluded on December 31th 2016 between the Government and the opposition. The arrangement plans that president Joseph Kabila ( whose mandate ended in December 2016) will stay for an additional year. In return the Opposition has to rule a government of transition until the new election, planned at the end of 2017. In last februaryMr Hussein asked DCR to out an end to the “massive violation of Human Rights” and the massive executions committed bu its armed forces. Since september 2016 Grand Kasai is the theatre of a rebellion caused by the conflict between the village Chief KamwinaNsapu and the central power. This pushed the State to send armed forces of DCR where there was the risk of conflict, even massacring peaceful defenseless villagers.

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