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El-Sisi praised President Trump and talked about the ongoing crisis in Syria

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In an interview with FOX News Channel’s Bret Baier Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi praised President Trump and talked about the ongoing crisis in Syria. The Egyptian leader said he fully trusts “the capability” of the U.S. president. El-Sisi told that the “vacuum” created by Obama administration has permitted Russia to increase its influence in the region. El-Sisi told to FOW news: “I think that they are defending their interests” talking about Russia in Syria.

Trump to sign order sweeping away Obama-era climate policies

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U.S. President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Tuesday to undo a slew of Obama-era climate change regulations that his administration says is hobbling oil drillers and coal miners, a move environmental groups have vowed to take to court. The decree’s main target is former President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, requiring states to slash carbon emissions from power plants – a critical element in helping the United States meet its commitments to a global climate change accord reached by nearly 200 countries in Paris in 2015.

Paul Ryan presented the American Health Care Act, health care plan for America

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan presented the American Health Care Act, the bill drafted by the GOP to replace Obamacare, while Ryan presentation has labeled the Obamacare as “unsustainable” and, quoting former President Clinton, “the craziest thing in the world”. According to the Speaker of the new health care bill will allow the Americans to continue to have access to health care with a relatively low expenditure because, unlike the Obamacare, will work on the costs of health insurance policies without weighing the cost of health squarely on the federal government’s coffers , in the project of the GOP remain alive  free insurance to the needy, but these will be financed individually by the single States with funds provided in part by the federal government, in the end will disappear the obligation for employers to provide medical insurance to employees, these can independently choose the health insurance  that best suits their needs.

Trump wants to open a parliamentary investigation into alleged wiretaps that former President Obama would order against him

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President Trump would want to open a parliamentary investigation into alleged wiretaps that former President Obama would order against him during the last electoral campaign, Trump accused Obama, on twitter, that he did put under control the Trump Tower to get information that could compromise his election victory, Obama replied that legally a President can not order to put under contronl anybody and stressed that his administration does not spied any American. Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told to the NBC that he not be aware of any control operation against Donald Trump, according to the minority leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi,  more was discover the narrow ties between the current administration and Russia plus the President Trump tries to confuse the Americans with conspiracy theories that are not very credible.

The Democratic National Committee has chosen Tom Perez as new party leader

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The Democratic National Committee has chosen its new leader, will be Thomas Perez, former Secretary of Labor during the Obama administration and Department of Justice civil rights lawyer, defeated his closest rival, Congressman Keith Ellison, who will cover the post of deputy. Perez’s victory was helped by the support of the party establishment, in particular Joe Biden and Eric Holder, the new leader has made it clear that it intends to rebuild the party according to a model less centralized, Perez will look to take advantage of the strong political mobilization against Trump to strengthen the party in his local detachments. The election of Perez marks for the Democratic Party a sharp left turn that the new party leader must be able to control, avoiding that was occurred to the GOP that has been found to have an internal faction, the Tea Party, stronger of the same party.

From 'Southern White House,' Trump seeks to calm reports of chaos

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Trump flew at his residence in Florida for the weekend, what he himself has nicknamed “the Southern White House”, from here is trying at this time to bring order into the chaotic situation that has arisen after the resignation of Michael Flynn and after rumors by NY Times that reporting of alleged meetings between representatives of the Russian government and the managers of the Trump campaign. The President stressed during this week that the difficulties that his government is encountering are due to mismanagement of Obama, especially regarding the work, although the data say that with Obama there were 2 million more jobs and the employment growth for 75 consecutive months.

Michael Flynn has resigned because of his contact with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak

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Michael Flynn, Director of the National Security of the President Trump, has resigned, the official reason is his contact with the Russian Ambassador in the USA, Sergey Kislyak, began when Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for the events of hacking during the presidential election. Mark Jacobson, Director of the former Secretary of Defense, explained that Flynn violated the Logan Act, a law that prohibits private citizens to have diplomatic relations, at the time of the facts Flynn did not hold any  position in the Cabinet but,despite this, had reassured the Russian Ambassador on the new approach that Trump would have had with Russia,it also seems that Flynn, before resigning, did not inform neither the President neither the Vice President of contacts with the Russian Ambassador. Russia’s reaction to Flynn’s resignation was not positive, both journalists and some senior administration officials do not seem happy, his successor should be Keith Kellogg, former General and chief of staff of the White House National Security Council.

President Obama officially ended the policy of indiscriminate reception for Cuban citizens

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President Obama has officially put an end to the policy of indiscriminate reception for Cuban citizens , renamed “wet foot, dry foot” and inaugurated by President Clinton in ’95. This choice is part of the normalization of relations between the US and Cuba. For 20 years, the Cuban government was widely criticized by the American policy which in fact has encouraged the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Cuban citizens tired of the oppression of the communist government. The large Cuban community living in the US, especially in Florida, is divided on the subject, some see an opportunity for many Cubans who have found a better life in America to return to their country by virtue of the improved medium living conditions, but others worry that this measure will be exploited by the government of L’Havana to pursue all those exiles who left Cuba for political reasons, also fear that the government makes it impossible to leave for the US.

President Obama spoke about the racial problems in the U.S.

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President Obama talked with the local television station of Chicago, his adopted city, as part of “Obama’s Live from the White House.” The President spoke about the racial problems in the U.S., taking advantage of the episode of a group of young African-American beaten by a group of whites who posted a video with their misdeeds on Facebook; Obama called the episode “regrettable” and emphasized the plight of hate crimes that are now more visible thanks to the development of social networks and social media. The President also spoke of the high crime rate in Chicago, in contrast with the national average, claiming the initiatives that led back to his community during his presidency.

Strategy to save the Obamacare law

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President Obama met on Capitol Hill several of Democrats Senators and Representatives, including the minority whips of the House of Representatives and of the Senate. Obama is working together with his Congressmen to try to work out a strategy to save the law on health insurance, renamed Obamacare. In fact, until now Obamacare has survived thanks to the presidential veto power, but by January 20 will no longer be possible. A meeting, similar to the one that Obama had today, was also made by the Republicans, under the guidance of Vice-President Mike Pence. In this meeting the Republicans choose, on the advice of the President of the Commission for the Budget of the Senate, Mike Enzi, to scrap Obamacare with a procedure that requires a simple majority. In fact, the Republicans can count on a majority in both houses of Congress.

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