President Obama officially ended the policy of indiscriminate reception for Cuban citizens

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President Obama has officially put an end to the policy of indiscriminate reception for Cuban citizens , renamed “wet foot, dry foot” and inaugurated by President Clinton in ’95. This choice is part of the normalization of relations between the US and Cuba. For 20 years, the Cuban government was widely criticized by the American policy which in fact has encouraged the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Cuban citizens tired of the oppression of the communist government. The large Cuban community living in the US, especially in Florida, is divided on the subject, some see an opportunity for many Cubans who have found a better life in America to return to their country by virtue of the improved medium living conditions, but others worry that this measure will be exploited by the government of L’Havana to pursue all those exiles who left Cuba for political reasons, also fear that the government makes it impossible to leave for the US.

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