Paul Ryan presented the American Health Care Act, health care plan for America

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan presented the American Health Care Act, the bill drafted by the GOP to replace Obamacare, while Ryan presentation has labeled the Obamacare as “unsustainable” and, quoting former President Clinton, “the craziest thing in the world”. According to the Speaker of the new health care bill will allow the Americans to continue to have access to health care with a relatively low expenditure because, unlike the Obamacare, will work on the costs of health insurance policies without weighing the cost of health squarely on the federal government’s coffers , in the project of the GOP remain alive  free insurance to the needy, but these will be financed individually by the single States with funds provided in part by the federal government, in the end will disappear the obligation for employers to provide medical insurance to employees, these can independently choose the health insurance  that best suits their needs.

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