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Multidisciplinary research on counter-terrorism financed by the Ministry of Higher Education

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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has agreed to finance four research projects in counter-terrorism with a budget of 2.5 million dinars. According to a statement by the Ministry of Higher Education released on Wednesday, these research projects will be launched by the end of 2016 and will span four years. They are divided between the human and social sciences component with a project commissioned by the centre of research and economic and social studies of Tunis, the engineering and technology component by the biotechnology centre of Sfax, a project by the centre of research in micro-electronics and nanotechnologies of Sousse and a project for the centre of studies and research in telecommunications of Tunis and the center of digital research of Sfax. These projects will be carried out with the assistance of six research centres and 29 research bodies (research laboratories and research units), in addition to 18 partners in the economic and social environment and the ministries of defense and information technologies and the digital economy.

Palestinian man killed by Israeli army forces along Gaza strip border

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A Palestinian was killed in clashes with the Israeli army along the Gaza Strip border on Friday, the Health Ministry in the Hamas-run enclave said. “Mohammed Abu Saada, 26, died after being shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers in clashes east of the Al-Bureij camp,” Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said in a statement. The Israeli army confirmed clashes in the area, which is in central Gaza, but could not immediately provide details. Also on Friday, an Israeli man was lightly wounded when stones were hurled at his vehicle as he drove near the West Bank town of Sinjil, about 20 km from Ramallah.

Two financial and technical cooperation agreements signed by Germany and Palestine

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Germany and the Palestinian Authority signed on Wednesday two financial and technical cooperation agreements that commit Germany to provide 49 million euros to several social development and economic projects, according to a press release by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry. It said the agreements, signed by Foreign Minister Riyad Malki and the German Representative to the Palestinian areas, Peter Beerwerth, will go to projects such as water desalination, education, development and job creation for youth.

Italian’s Marines: Italy requested international arbitration

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Last June 26th  was finally initiated the procedure of international arbitration on the issue involving two Italian naval riflemen in India.

As required by procedure, Italy has asked to the international court of law of the Sea in Hamburg that since the conclusion of the proceedings  the Rifleman Massimiliano Latorre can stay in Italy and  the Rifleman’s Salvatore Girone coulf return .

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a statement released to the press said that “The initiative is dictated by the need to protect the rights of Fusiliers Marina Latorre and Girone and Italy during the course of the arbitration proceedings commenced on June 26”

The Italian authorities hope that the procedure will start the Hamburg court to advise on the Italian bodies should be completed within a few weeks.

Libya, Gentiloni: “No military operation”

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Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned down a Un campaign. But Libyan national unity looks faraway because of Haftar’s enmity.

“No military intervention has been decided either by the EU or by the UN Security Council”. This Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni said, during Italian television show Agorà, denying armed operation conducted at Libyan coasts by International contingent.

Moreover, Gentiloni stated that any positive resolution of the United Nations Monday, May 18, “only authorizes the confiscation and seizure of boats at sea and the identification through intelligence in territorial waters before they embarked the migrants”. This is because “we have to fight organized crime make it more bearable conditions in the countries of origin.” All European partners “have to share it: but some progress might has been made”, he explained again.

If the Tripoli government Tripoli could accept the International solution, Tobruk government didn’t agree. Khalifa Haftar, Chief of the Armed Forces, said he’s worried about a possible “military action against our shores.” In addition, last Monday he agreed the bombing of a Turkish merchant ship, guilty of “failing to comply with orders not to approach the city of Derna,” the former CIA agent said. After a ship’s crew is killed, Ankara has said that it’ll recur in International court.

This context is not supporting exhausting negotiations conducted over two months since UN delegate Bernardino Leon. His optimism about an agreement between governments and factions clashes with Libyan reality.

Libya reality mean civil war. A civil war which involves even children. After 3 deaths a few days ago, another 7 kids were killed a few hours ago by a mortar round in the city of Benghazi. According to Associated Press, it would be attributable to Islamic State and Ansar al Sharia and it’s involved 8 victims, all from the same family.
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