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President Emmanuel Macron visits Gao as war chief

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The French president, Emmanuel Macron, will go to Mali on friday, a visit of a day in Gao, the Northern part of the country, where the president will have a meeting with the president Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and will visit too the french serviceman. The new Head of State,  will be accompanied with new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and with the armed forces minister, Sylvie Goulard, Paris has the opportunity to reaffirm  the agreements of Algiers. “The agreements of Algiers are the political frame of the resolution of the conflict and we have to support their application, which is too weak for the moment” said a president’s coucilor. Both Presidents  will also approach the sub-regional dimension of the Malian conflict, while France made a commitment to support the implementation of the African strengths of G5 Sahel (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Mauritania), the presidency of which Mali occupies today.


Fight against terrorism: Mali first African country visited by Emmanuel Macron?

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Mali could be the first African country visited by the president recently elected by France,  Emmanuel Macron. The 39-year-old man who has just win on Marine Le Pen in the second ballot of the French presidential election, would grant his priority to the soldiers displayed by France in Mali within the framework of ” the operation Barkhane “. This one also covers Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mauritania. Two envoys of Emmanuel Macron indicated the constancy of its interest in the cooperation with Africa, its concern of Africa, especially the Sahel and the  safety in this zone. “As  president of the G5 Sahel (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad), I am delighted at it especially as he wishes as soon as possible to meet me. It will be with pleasure. Thus, a beautiful victory. This victory of today, it is a great moment of democracy”  had exclaimed on RFI the president of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

Mali: The state of emergency extended by six months until the end of October

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The current state of emergency in Mali was extended to six months until October 31st, by the National Assembly. Gathered on Friday, the National Assembly extended “the state of emergency until October 31st, 2017 on the whole territory, the bill was voted unanimously. This measure of exception was repeatedly established in the country since the Jihadist attack against the hotel Radisson Blu of Bamako on November 20th, 2015. The state of emergency preview in particular possibilities of intervention by security forces, it was restored after a new attack attributed to the Jihadists on April 18th to Gourma Rharous, in the region of Timbuktoo which made five deaths and about ten wounded persons among the malian soldiers, according to an official toll. The military operation Barkhane is fighting against the Jihadists in Sahel, the north of Mali had fallen in March-April, 2012 under Jihadist groups connected to Al-Qaeda.

Mali: Five leading figures of the interim authorities of the North

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In Mali, the temporary authorities are settled from now on in five regions of the North. But who manages them? After Kidal, Gao and Ménaka, the authorities of Timbuktoo and Taoudénit was settled on Thursday after several weeks of negotiations. The people asked to manage the regions of the North of Mali until the local elections planned in next July are: Boubacar Ould Hamadi was designated chairperson of the temporary authorities of Timbuktoo, Hamoudi Sidi Ahmed Aggada of Taoudenit. Abdou Salam Ag Mohamed Ahmed, of the touarègue tribe Daoussak, militated at first within the national Movement of liberation of Azawad. He has been nomined as temporary president of the regional council of Ménaka. At Gao, the president of the temporary authorities is called Djibrilla Boubey.

Four soldiers killed in attack attributed to Jihadists

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According to several sources four malian servicemen were killed during an attack imputed to Jihadists in the region of Timbuktoo. The attack aimed at a camp of the malian army at Gourma Rharous, a locality of difficult access, situated in some 120 km east of Timbuktoo. The attack intervened in the neighborhood of 05:00 am (the hour GMT). The army lost four servicemen ( parachutists’ elite unit) and calcined vehicles were visible in the camp. According to a statement made by MINUSMA, the strength of the UN would have displayed its attack helicopters on the scene in support for the malian police army and facilitated the medical evacuation of the wounded persons by air traffic. The UNO army force also states an attack arisen on Tuesday against a vehicle of one of its logistic convoy, ” there was an improvised explosive, in approximately 30 km in the South of Tessali.”

Mali: Abdoulaye Idrissa Maïga became the Prime Minister

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Abdoulaye Idrissa Maïga after a governamental experience lasted 4 years, ( durign whom he occupied several strategic departements) became the Prime Minister. Modibo Keita, the previous prime minister, leave his place to Abdoulaye Idrissa Maïga, and this government will not be an easy task for him, since the actual status of the State is critical, due to special social requests to be satisfied. This could be a new beginning if he manages to develop the situation about the demands of the union activists, for this reason should be necessary an open dialogue with the Labor Unions. If the new Head of the Government manages to move forward this fundamental point, it would be a first great success for the statesman, but he could remains too (as his predecessor) stuck in this situation of incommunicability with the syndacates.

The Opposition leader Ciasé and Mali President Kéita discuss the strike of the doctors and the general work stoppage in hospital centres

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The Opposition leader Soumaïla Ciasé had a meeting with Mali President Ibahim Boubacar Kéita in order to discuss the strike of the doctors and the general work stoppage in hospital centres, situation becoming more and more unbereable for patients and their families. The opposition leader came to ask to the President a quick solution in this national problem. The situation is critical about doctors “I came here to see how can we manage (in collaboration with the government) to find a solutions. Malin suffer for this strike, it’s duty of the opposition to stop this situation. I talked to the President and I think he is sentitive to this critical situation”. Soumaïla Cissé said that “Is necessary to resumed work in hospitals, reforms as well as long lasting solutions are necessary. We had the opportunity to vist hospitals, we exchanged with syndacates: those who saw the sick in the hospitals are extremely worried, it was our duty to speak up for it to the Head of the State”.

Mali: the rivalries persist between the various armed groups and the jihadists movements

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With the installation of the firts temporary authorities, the peace process seems finally to progress. But the rivalries persist between the various armed groups and the jihadists movements. Durign these months the peace process progressed, stagned, sometimes seems to collapse. With more than one year of delay on the initial schedule which planned authorities implementation three months after the signing of the Agreement of Algiers in 2015, they were finally settled at the beginning of March in three of the Nord of Mali regions: Kidal, Gao and Ménaka. For nationals and international actors this is a decisive step toward the implementation of peace process, even if the situation still remain uncertain in Timbuktoo and Taoudeni, because before the istallation of the temporary authorities there was nothing concrete. “Finally we move forward” said one of the leader of the Coordination of the movements of Azawad (ex rebellion Touaregue). One of the main disposition of the peace agreement is to prepare the next elections: the Government, the CMA and the coalition of pregovernmental armed groups rapresent the various parties.

Armed groups CMA withdraw from checkpoints in northern Timbuktu

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CMA Military groups agreeded to withdrow from the checkpoint they did occupy since 5 march at Timbouctu. But thei demands was not satisfied and the tension remain. The CMA fighters, this friday, gave up to Malese Army the checkpoint they did occupy. The decision was taken after a meeting with Minusma leader and french officers from Barkhane operation: they asked to militants leaders to withdrow from the checkpoints, occupied in violation of Algeri Agreement. The army groups leader accepted to leave, but they asked, in return, their complains to be taken in account, and even though none agreement has been signed they have been assured that their message will be transm,itted to the hightest level. Last week CMA army group attacked two checkpoint in the northern part of Timbouctou, threatening to attack the city too: they wanted to protest against the installation of Taoudeni regional president Hamoudi Sidi Ahmed, a native from the village of Araouane.

In Nora 20 litres of water may even arrive at 500 FCFA and over.

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Nora is a city situated 500 kilometres away from Bomako, here the prices for 20 litres of water may even arrive at 500 FCFA and over in certain places. The lack of water, nowadays, make it very hard , especially to the poors, to survive. In this period of the year the situation get even worse because of the heat. Water is as precious as the silver. At Nora the administration of the water is led in two different ways, on one hand we have the SOGERHE (society of the management od hidric resources) which support breeders who posses houndreds of cattle and ovines. In this affair the population is the only victim: the water is served only after midnight and sometimes is necessary to wait til 20 hours to get it.

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