Armed groups CMA withdraw from checkpoints in northern Timbuktu

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CMA Military groups agreeded to withdrow from the checkpoint they did occupy since 5 march at Timbouctu. But thei demands was not satisfied and the tension remain. The CMA fighters, this friday, gave up to Malese Army the checkpoint they did occupy. The decision was taken after a meeting with Minusma leader and french officers from Barkhane operation: they asked to militants leaders to withdrow from the checkpoints, occupied in violation of Algeri Agreement. The army groups leader accepted to leave, but they asked, in return, their complains to be taken in account, and even though none agreement has been signed they have been assured that their message will be transm,itted to the hightest level. Last week CMA army group attacked two checkpoint in the northern part of Timbouctou, threatening to attack the city too: they wanted to protest against the installation of Taoudeni regional president Hamoudi Sidi Ahmed, a native from the village of Araouane.

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