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Fraudulent importation of poultry meat of Mali

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The responsables for the CAMA ( Cooperative of Avicultures of Mali) durign a press conference denounced the massive importat of meat of poultry to Mali. According to them, this create multiple consequences both on malin economy and health, it’s a tremendous lost for the State, about 12 084 900 000 FCFA per year, and above all they create an unfair competition for locals productors. Therefore Cheikna Labass Haïdara, CAMA president, asked the government not to contribute to Mali’s industry distruction. Thanks to Mali’s professionists, modern aviculture is starting to increase, that’s why it’s important not to employ this fraudolent import, which compromises the future of the malians who are trying to evolve in this sector. Anyway, most of all it’s a public health issue, it happened that the meat of poultry imported has been rotten too.

Towards the design of a white paper of the civil society

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The Coalition of the civil society for the peace and the fight against the proliferation of the light weapons (CONASCIPIL) held an opening ceremony at Grand Hotel du Bomako presenting a project entitled “To build a lasting peace in Mali: contribuition of the civil society to the safety policies of the population”. The ceremony was chaired by the Secretary of the Safety and the Civil protection, general Salif Traoré, in the presence of the Sweden Ambassador in Mali Eva Emanèus, and the prime minister Issoufi Maïga. Among the guests the president of the CONASCIPIL, Bamoussa Touré,  and a representative of the International Institute of peace studies of Stockholm, Gregory Chauvzac. The project was thrown 6 months ago by the CONASCIPIL and its parthner SIPRI. It aims a strenghtening of the partecipation of the civil society in the local and national strategies of security and protection of the populations.The president of the CONASCIPIL explained that this “white paper on the security in out country” it’s a project of three years and will cover 35 municipalities.

Mali: draft revision of the constitution examined by deputees

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Malin Deputees are going to deal with the examination of the Bill  concerning the revision of the constitution of February 1992 , durign an extraordinary session if National Assembly. The Government justifie its will to revise the constitution by the urgency to correct “gaps and inadeguacies” of the 1992 Constitution. The other reason called by the Government is connected with the crisis in which live the country :” the security and institutional crisis revealed the feagilities of the institutions”. If the Bill is adopted Mali will pass to a bicameral parliament, Senate will be establish as “Upper house of the Parliament” beside National Assembly. With this revision, Mali will have eight institutions: the high court of justice will not be consider part of the institutions anymore, as well as the High council of Regions will be delated. On the other hand, will be established the Counts Court.

Mali has since 2015 a law to promote gender within political

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Mali has since 2015 a law to promote gender within political offices. The adoption of this new measure is hostoric, infact in 2006 the National Assembly has rejected a similar bill. This new law (a victory to all Malian Wemen) cames to solve the problem of the sub- representation of the women in the public and politican life. The law, which contains 4 articles, grant from now on 30% of the public and elected offices to women. Mrs Sangaré Oumou Ba, the Seecretary of the Promotion of the Woman, child and Family, congratulated herself on the adoption and promulgation by the President of the law N052 December 18th, 2015, establishing measures to promote the access of the women in electiv e offices. President of the Republic Ibrahim Boubacar Keita also agreed to give an help to the candidate women in the municipal elections, raising a fund of 300 millions. The vote of the law and the advances taken by the women on the front of municipal elections can be seen as a triumph of the Promotion of the Women Secretary.


Niger lays in a dangerous triangle between Libya, Mali and Chad Lake, the Republic President said

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The Republic Pesident, Issoufou Mahamadou, met last Sunday representatives from the 15 Members States of ONU Security Council, to bring the focus on national security issues with specific regard to the terroristic phenomenon of Boko Haram. Mahamadou also explained that Niger lays in a dangerous triangle between Libia, Mali and Chad Lake, and this represents a permanent menace for the country. With regard to libian crysis Mahamadou underlined that he had foreseen the current destabilization of the country durign the G8 Summit held in Deauville in 2011 but he wasn’t taken in acount. In his opinon is very important to consider African Union’s proposals to get over the libian crysis. The president also underlied that Niger suffers frequent attacks along Mali’s border; a possible solution should include a cooperation with Algeria in order to realize a plan to isolate and fight terroristic groups, and the setting up of an international task force – with contingents from Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso Chad and Mauritania, as suggested by G5. Mahamadou would hope for the Security Council to  mobilize international comunity to finance the initiative.

Mali has common views with Iran on the issue of Palestine

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Speaking at a joint press conference with Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran the President of the National Assembly of Mali Issaka Sidibe said his country has common views with Iran on the issue of Palestine, criticizing the UN actions against the Palestinian nation over the past years. He elougise Iran’s efforts in support of Palestinians, stressing that Mali will vigorously attend a pro-Palestinian conference in Iran, slated for February. Iranian speaker said that the relations with African countries in the political, economic and cultural fields is top on the agenda of the Iranian foreign policy.

Five Niger soldiers killed by heavily armed motorbikers

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Heavily armed gunmen riding motor bikes and other vehicles raided a village and killed five soldiers in Niger near the border with Mali early on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry said, amid signs of a growing Islamist insurgency in the region. Dozens of attackers entered Banigabou, about 20 km (12 miles) from the frontier before dawn – gunshots rang out for two hours, said residents. The ministry did not name the raiders, though Islamist militants based in Mali’s desert north have been pushing south toward its capital and over borders in the fragile Sahel region into Niger and Burkina Faso.

Two Malian civilians were killed in a attack

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A peacekeeper from Togo and two Malian civilians were killed Sunday in an attack on a military convoy in Mali, rounding off a bloody week for foreign forces stationed there, a UN statement said. Seven other peacekeepers, also from Togo, were wounded in the attack in the central Mopti region, according to the statement by the UN mission, known by the acronym MINUSMA. After a mine or improvised explosive device was detonated, attackers opened fire on the convoy, the UN said, without identifying the assailants.

Islamist militant leader: cease attacks in Mali

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The leader of the Islamist militant group Ansar Dine has agreed to cease attacks in Mali. Al Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine and other Islamist groups hijacked a Tuareg rebel uprising in 2012 to seize Mali’s desert north, but they were pushed out by a French-led military operation a year later. However, they have intensified operations this year, attacking parts of the west and south previously considered secure and raising fears that the violence will spill over into other regions. “I confirm having received from (Ansar Dine leader) Iyad Ag Ghali the cessation of hostilities throughout the country,” Mahmoud Dicko, president of the High Islamic Council, told Reuters, adding that he would soon brief Malian authorities.

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