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La situazione in Medio Oriente dopo il 7 Ottobre

L’attacco che Hamas ha condotto contro lo Stato di Israele, lo scorso 7 Ottobre, rappresenta un ulteriore episodio del conflitto che devasta il Medio Oriente da circa un secolo (anno più, anno meno).

Per poter comprendere tale nuova fase di questa guerra infinita, è necessario esaminare gli aspetti che ad essa sono connessi al fine di potere avere una visione complessiva del suo significato.

Come tutti i conflitti, anche questo si svolge su piani paralleli ineluttabilmente interconnessi e le cui conseguenze richiedono una comprensione d’insieme per identificare le eventuali ipotesi di soluzione. Leggi Tutto

Hamas: Killers of top commander admit to working with Israel

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The March 24 killing of Mazen Faqha, a senior member of Hamas’ military wing, stunned the movement, which has prided itself on restoring security since wresting control of the Gaza Strip from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas a decade ago.Faqha was shot several times in the upper torso. His body was found in his car in the garage under his Gaza City apartment building. Hamas accused Israel of killing him by recruiting local collaborators, and launched a manhunt.On Tuesday, Hamas announced it had arrested 45 alleged collaborators with Israel, including three purportedly involved in killing Faqha. It was the largest such sweep since the 2007 Gaza takeover.A Hamas official said the man had been kicked out of Hamas for “moral crimes” four years ago and had joined an al-Qaida-inspired group known as the Army of Islam. The official spoke on condition of anonymity. At a press conference, Hamas released a 14-minute video showing the suspects apparently confessing to the assassination and saying they carried out the killing on the orders of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency. The video shows the three suspects at the scene of the killing, walking around the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza, being interviewed, revealing personal details, and admitting their involvement in the killing.

Hamas elects new political chief, fears Israeli assassination

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The Hamas terrorist organization on Saturday named former Gaza prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, as the group’s new political chief. Haniyeh succeeds Hamas’ longtime leader Khaled Mashaal, who is based in Qatar, and the move comes shortly after the group unveiled a new, seemingly more pragmatic political program, which Israel swiftly dismissed as an “attempt to fool the world”. Haniyeh’s appointment marks the final phase of the secretive Hamas elections.To serve in his new capacity, however, Haniyeh will apparently be required to leave the coastal enclave and move to Qatar. Haniyeh was supposed to have departed for the Qatari capital of Doha on Saturday for his swearing-in ceremony, but was forced to remain in Gaza after Egypt closed down the Rafah border crossing until further notice.Hamas officials expressed concern that if Haniyeh continues to reside in Gaza in his new capacity, he would be targeted by Israel for assassination and therefore, in their view, it was imperative that he leave the area as soon as possible.Gaza-based political analyst Hani Habib said he did not foresee a big paradigm shift in internal Palestinian politics under the new leadership.

Hamas rejects Abbas' call for peace

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The Hamas terrorist organization wasted little time in rejecting the peace negotiations US President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas spoke of restarting during their meeting at the White House Wednesday afternoon. Abbas said that he believe that we are capable, under your leadership, your courageous stewardship, and your wisdom, as well as your great negotiating ability, We can be true partners to you to bring about a historic peace treaty. Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said that the terrorist group which rules Gaza categorically rejects Abbas’ statement and that “all of Palestine” belongs to the Palestinian Arabs. We reject Abbas’s statement that all final status issues are solvable, because national rights belong to all Palestinians and no one person can relinquish them.

Netanyahu: Hamas military echelon begged to halt war with Israel

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Netanyahu: Hamas’ military echelon begged to halt war with Israel. “We hit Hamas incredibly hard. They said, ‘We can’t go on with how these crazy Jews are hitting us’ and today they are careful not to shoot at us”, PM tells Knesset State Control Committee about 2014’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Nethanyau, during a meeting, told a Knesset State Control Committee that Hamas’ military leadership begged the political echelon abroad to stop the war. Also he said that Israel hit Hamas incredibly hard, to the point that its military leadership in Gaza begged the political echelon abroad to stop the war. They said, ‘We can’t go on with how these crazy Jews are hitting us’ and today they are careful not to shoot at us”. As for the circumstances leading up to the fighting, the prime minister said, “We tried avoiding war as much as possible. Three years after the operation, we are now seeing the quietest period in the south”. Netanyahu told the committee that Hamas had prepared itself for a wide-scale operation aimed at removing the naval blockade Israel had imposed on Gaza.

Netanyahu: Gaza war unavoidable, Hamas Blocked humanitarian efforts.

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The 2014 Gaza war was unavoidable and the humanitarian situation could not be improved because of Hamas’ constant exploitation of foreign aid, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset State Control Committee in his fullest explanation yet to criticism of his conduct of the war. “We wanted to do more to help, but Hamas makes these greater humanitarian aid options impossible with exploiting them. Hamas takes 70% of money that comes into Gaza and reinvests into its military threat on Israel”, said Netanyahu. Netanyahu explained that the “price” of reconquest would be too great in expected lost IDF soldiers and expected killed Palestinian civilians. Also, he said “there is no one to give Gaza back to” after a reconquest operation, making it clear that permanent reconquest is not even a consideration for him. The hearing also had several moments of pandemonium and emotional yelling directed at Netanyahu and his supporters, from fallen soldiers’ families.


Human Rights Watch gives Israel ultimatum over gaza war crime investigation.

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Human right Watch demanded on Monday that Israel allow its investigators into Gaza if it wants the International Criminal Court “to take seriously” Israel’s own war crimes investigations. Gaza war crimes report: Allegations of 49 illegal civilian deaths nixed ICC prosecutors to visit Israel, West Bank as war crimes probe looms. There is an onother problem: Israel during this period  has taken a more aggressive stance toward some human rights NGOs, barring some activists from entering Israel, and accusing them of involvement in the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) campaign and general efforts to delegitimize Israel. The report said that the travel restrictions call into question the Israeli military authorities’ claim to rely on human rights organizations as an important source of information for their criminal investigations into potential serious crimes committed during the 2014 Gaza war. Also we have to underline the fact that on March 26, 2017, the Hamas authorities in Gaza began significantly tightening restrictions on passage between Gaza and Israel, following the assassination of a senior militant that Hamas blames on Israel. Hamas says it wants to stop the killers from fleeing Gaza. The Hamas authorities are blocking nearly all travel out of Gaza, unless it is for medical care or to visit relatives in Israeli prisons.

The Fuqaha's murder "clearly bears Mossad's fingerprints"

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Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman brushed off Hamas’ claims on Sunday that Israel was behind the death of its top commander Mazen Fuqaha, saying that the Palestinian militant group is “known for internal assassinations”. “We have no quarrel with Hamas, they can do what they want”, Lieberman said during a tour of the Israeli border community of Sderot, adding that Israel wasn’t looking for “adventures” in the coastal enclave. Hamas said that ISrael is behind the murder of Fuqaha. Fuqaha, saying the murder “clearly bears Mossad’s fingerprints”. Speaking at a memorial service held for Fuqaha in Gaza, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal threatened to retaliate against Israel. “This is a great challenge for us that joins the open account between us and [Israel]”, he said, adding that if Israel is looking to change the rules of the game, “then we accept it”. The commander was sentenced to life in prison and an additional 50 years for planning a suicide bombing on a bus in northern Israel in 2002, which killed nine Israelis. But in 2011, Fuqaha was released as part of a prisoner exchange deal to free Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Originally from the village of Tubas in the northern West Bank, Fuqaha was exiled at Israel’s demand to Gaza. He was considered a senior member of Hamas’ West Bank command, which gave orders and funds to West bank cells.

Hamas develops new 'High-Powered' rocket akin to Hezbollah projectiles

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Hamas has recently developed a new high-powered rocket of which it has already produced several dozen, Army Radio reported on Tuesday. According to the report, the rocket is short-range and can carry a relatively heavy explosive load. In the event of a future conflict between Israel and Hamas, the new rocket would have the most effect on the Israeli communities bordering the Gaza Strip.Hamas has invested a lot of these rockets and if will start a war with ISrael, Palestine is ready. Hamas has stated that if he will start a war, civilians wouldn’t be involved. Tension between Israel and Palestine are soaring after Hamas accused Israel of being behind the assassination of one of its senior operatives, MazenFuqaha, in Gaza over the weekend.Addressing the assassination in a speech in Qatar on Monday, Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal warned that ““if Israel changes the rules of the game we accept the challenge”.

Hamas vows revenge after Farah's assassination, top official in Gaza

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Hamas on Saturday vowed a “harsh response” against Israel for the killing of Mazen Faqha, a high-profile official with the Gaza Strip-based terrorist group. Faqha was found shot dead at the entrance of his house in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood on Friday evening. According to Hamas he was shot four times in the head with a silenced gun. Hamas has vowed revenge against Israel. There is a problem: Hamas blamed Israel for the “assassination” but provided no proof to support the accusation. While the group usually points the finger at the Shin Bet security agency, this time Gaza’s rulers claimed the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, was behind the hit. Faqha was well known in Israel. In 2003, he was apprehended by Israel and sentenced to nine life terms with an additional 50 years for directing a 2002 suicide bombing in Safed that left nine Israelis dead and dozens wounded. He was released as part of the 2011 Schalit prisoner exchange and was deported to Gaza, where he formed Hamas “West Bank headquarters”, tasked with creating terrorist cells across Judea and Samaria. Hamas will do everything to avenge Farah. The means of revage are manifold and we know that Hamas executes those convicted of collaborating with Israel.

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