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Maduro announced reactivation of legal and financial support to migrants in the US

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During the celebrations for the 4th anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez, President Maduro announced that the Venezuelan government will reactivate the legal and financial support fund for Latin American and Caribbean immigrants in the United States, at the same time announced, together with the President of Bolivia Morales, that the next Secretary of the ‘Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas will be David Choquehuanca, former Foreign Minister of Bolivia.

Fidel Surco will not be elected Vice-President of the MAS movement for sure

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Alfredo Rada, Vice Minister for the coordination with social movements, denied in an interview on national television, ATB, that the Senator of the Department of La Paz, Fidel Surco, has been elected as the new Vice-President of the MAS. On Tuesday  Surco  informed the press about his appointment as Vice President of MAS, yesterday there has been a meeting of MAS in Cochabamba , presided by Evo Morales, in which he would have to choose the new Vice president but has not been possible due to the embarrassing situation created by Surco. Rada ,during the interview ATB, specified that Surco acted on its own initiative and in any case his figure is not compatible with that of Vice-President, for the internal rules of MAS the new Vice will have to come from a Department other than La Paz and will be a woman.

MAS movement wants to change the Presidents of the Senate and House of Deputies

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The party of President Morales, MAS, seems intent on changing the Presidents of the Senate and House of Deputies with the majority whips. Morales also announced that there will be also changes in his cabinet. Regarding the Vice-President Garcia Linera, President Morales recalled how even the same members of the two Houses are in agreement with the presidential line, referring also as between senators and deputies there are personalities of absolute value who deserve to be able to cover important roles.

Preventive detention orders signed for Néstor Teràn, Gen. Zeballos and other military personnel

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Bolivian legal authorities are investigating one case of violation of the agreements, in 2013 the entrepreneurs Néstor Terán and Ernesto Ayoroa signed with the General Army Command a contract for the construction of 9 outposts, the Empresa Accidental Integracióndel Chaco, the company of Terán and Ayoroa never completed. The Magistrate Juan Carlos Soria has signed the preventive detention orders for Terán, for the former commander of the Army Gen.Fernando Zeballos, and other military personnel involved in the deal for 18 million Bs,Ayoroa is currently not in custody of the legal authorities.

President Morales wants to run for the presidential elections of 2019

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Bolivian President Evo Morales, during a rally in the Ivirgarzama Stadium, said he was ready to run for the elections of 2019 and have already a government plan for the years ’20 -’25. Despite the Bolivian people in a referendum in February voted against the renomination of Morales, for his fourth consecutive term, the current President and the MAS leader said that he was ready to continue to be the President, proposing various ways to modify the Article 168 of the Constitution, which prevents from doing more than two consecutive terms. In fact, according to many experts, including the lawyer Williams Bascopé Laruta, the only system that Morales has to get around at the same time both Article 168 of the Constitution and the popular vote of February is to convocate a Costitutional Assembly that would have to modify the biggest part of actual Costitution.

Bolivia: president Morales could be reelected as Vice President in 2019 elections

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Álvaro García Linera, Vice President of Bolivia, has suggested a possible nomination of the current President Evo Morales as Vice President for the 2019 elections. Morales has been in office since 2006 and is in his third term, for which it was necessary to change the Constitution, that would mean that it would be possible to see again Morales as President between 2024 and 2034, although Garcia Linera has not ruled out the possibility of a new constitutional reform to allow Morales to already run for president in 2019.

Government will respect the decision of indigenous people of El Bala and Chepete

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Minister for the Bolivian energy, Luis Sanchez, during an interview with the news agency ANF said that the government will respect the decision of the indigenous people of El Bala and Chepete, these have been consulted from La Paz about the possible construction in their territories of a hydroelectric basin. Alex Villca, spokesman of the residents of the indigenous country San José de Uchupiamonas has however denied the words of Minister Sanchez, Villca affirmed that the Government has no intention of listening the views of indigenous people and that the decision to build the hydroelectric basin was already taken.

Mercosur meeting attended only by Bolivia

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High tension inside the Mercosur, Venezuela has convened a meeting of the member countries at which participated only Bolivia, that still has not part of the agreement. The Venezuelan ambassador for Mercosur has expressed his irritation about the inconvenience. The Bolivian diplomacy is trying to mediate between Venezuela and the other members of Mercosur and the Venezuelan Ambassador in Montevideo does not exclude the possibility of a meeting between President Maduro and President Vazquez.

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