Fidel Surco will not be elected Vice-President of the MAS movement for sure

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Alfredo Rada, Vice Minister for the coordination with social movements, denied in an interview on national television, ATB, that the Senator of the Department of La Paz, Fidel Surco, has been elected as the new Vice-President of the MAS. On Tuesday  Surco  informed the press about his appointment as Vice President of MAS, yesterday there has been a meeting of MAS in Cochabamba , presided by Evo Morales, in which he would have to choose the new Vice president but has not been possible due to the embarrassing situation created by Surco. Rada ,during the interview ATB, specified that Surco acted on its own initiative and in any case his figure is not compatible with that of Vice-President, for the internal rules of MAS the new Vice will have to come from a Department other than La Paz and will be a woman.

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