President Morales wants to run for the presidential elections of 2019

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Bolivian President Evo Morales, during a rally in the Ivirgarzama Stadium, said he was ready to run for the elections of 2019 and have already a government plan for the years ’20 -’25. Despite the Bolivian people in a referendum in February voted against the renomination of Morales, for his fourth consecutive term, the current President and the MAS leader said that he was ready to continue to be the President, proposing various ways to modify the Article 168 of the Constitution, which prevents from doing more than two consecutive terms. In fact, according to many experts, including the lawyer Williams Bascopé Laruta, the only system that Morales has to get around at the same time both Article 168 of the Constitution and the popular vote of February is to convocate a Costitutional Assembly that would have to modify the biggest part of actual Costitution.

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