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15 attacks on Ukranian military positions in Donbass in the past 24h

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Kyiv reports 15 attacks on its positions in Donbass in past 24 hours. The Ukrainian military press office said on Facebook that Ukrainian army positions came under attack of 120mm mortars near Pisky. Grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms were fired in Avdiyivka in the Donetsk sector, the report said. In the Mariupol sector, mortars, grenade launchers, infantry combat vehicles and small arms were engaged in attacks on Shyrokyne, Talakivka, Maryinka and Vodiane, the press office said.

Oman’s principles agreement of ceasefire breached by US-Saudi aggression jets and mercenaries

US-Saudi aggression war jets and their mercenaries continued on Sunday breaching Oman`s principles agreement of ceasefire on several Yemeni provinces; in the capital Sanaa, the Saudi aggression fighter jets intensively flew over the capital for hours as they launched five air strikes on Dhubab and Rijam areas of Bani Hushaish district on the northeast outskirts of the capital. Meanwhile, the Saudi-paid mercenaries launched several attempts of advances towards locations of the national army and popular forces in the district of Nehm northeast of the capital. The mercenaries’ attempts were repelled. Also provinces of Taiz, Lahj, Marib and Saada are been taken under attack.

According to Ukranian Defence Ministry none of its employees has been detained in Crimea

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On Thursday, the Leninsky District court of the Crimean city of Sevastopol arrested three suspected members of a subversive group that had allegedly plotted acts of sabotage at Crimea’s military facilities. According to a statement published by Federal Security Service, on 9th of  November, the Federal Security Service detained members of a terrorist group deployed by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate, which planned sabotage attacks on Crimea’s military facilities and critical civilian infrastructure. The service claimed that powerful explosive devices, weapons and rounds of ammunition, means of special communications and also maps of facilities had been seized from the detained persons. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has denied that any of its employees had been detained by Russia’s Federal Security Service in Crimea. Commenting on the thwarted attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Ukrainian authorities resorted to practicing terrorism instead of seeking peaceful solution to the crisis, adding that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande were notified of the “gross provocation” orchestrated by Kiev.

The man who coordinated the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels has been identified

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A Belgian-Moroccan jihadist operating in Syria is believed to have organised the deadly attacks on Paris and Brussels, sources say. For months intelligence teams have been trying to identify a man known as Abou Ahmad, involved in recruiting a number of Islamist militants for attacks across Europe. They now believe they have identified him as Oussama Ahmad Atar. He is linked to bombers who targeted Paris in 2015 and Brussels in March.

Yemeni governorates targeted by Saudi aggression warplanes

US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes launched a series of air strikes against several Yemeni governorates overnight, causing strong damages to residents’ properties and their farms, officials told Saba on Tuesday. In Taiz, the air strikes hit al-Wazieyah district and the Red Sea port city of Mocha. In Mahweet, the air raids bombed Macsam bridge in al-Ahjor district, totally destroying it. In Sanaa governorate, the aggression fighter jets targeted Nihm district three times and waged six air strikes and destroyed a family park in al-Hayma al–Kharijyah district west of the capital Sanaa. Other attacks were in Marib; in Saada and in Al-Hodeida for three times.

Sanaa: Saudi air-attack destroyed a civilian park

Saudi aggression fighter jets waged hysterical air raids on civilian targets overnight, devastating a civilian park in al-Hima al-Kharijiya district of Sanaa province. Ever overnight US-backed Saudi aggression fighter planes waged two strikes on Serwah district of Marib governorate. The strikes targeted residents’ fruit farms in Habab valley, burning them to the ground. The residents strongly condemned the continuation of the criminal Saudi aggression targeting citizens, public properties and the infrastructure of the Yemeni people under the eyes of the world and the United Nations’ silence.

2 civilians killed and three injured by Saudi air strikes in Nehm

At least two citizens were killed and three injured in air strikes by US-backed Saudi aggression fighter jets when targeted their car on the public road in Nehm district of Sanaa province overnight. 11  air strikes were launched by the Saudi aggression between Nehm and the Bani Matar district causing damage to citizens` houses and private and public properties.

Two Russian soldiers injured in Aleppo, humanitarian corridor shelled by militants

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Russian military reported that two Russian soldiers were injured by enemy fire in Aleppo when a humanitarian corridor, they were guarding, was shelled by militants. The attack targeted the western part of the corridor near Castello road. A unilateral ceasefire in the embattled Syrian city came into force at 9am local time on Friday and lasted for ten hours, until 7pm. The pause is intended to allow civilians and armed militants to leave the eastern part of the city through separate humanitarian corridors. Earlier on Thursday, militants intensified their attacks on the government-held western part of the city.

Minister of Religious Affairs sacked by Tunisian PM

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Tunisia’s Prime Minister sacked the minister of religious affairs on Friday after he made comments on Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi brand of Islam. “Prime Minister Youssef Chahed decided to dismiss Salem Abd El Jalil, minister of religious affairs, from his duties due to the lack of respect for government work and his statements that touched principles of Tunisian diplomacy,” the premier’s office said in a statement. The North African state has become a major source of extremists fighting in Iraq, Syria and neighbouring Libya. More than 3,000 Tunisians are believed to be involved and critics say foreign imam recruiters are partly to blame. Meanwhile, Income from Tunisia’s tourism sector, hard-hit by extremist attacks, fell eight per cent in the first nine months of 2016 compared with the same period last year, according to official figures. From January 1 to September 31, tourism firms took 1.8 billion dinars ($811 million, 730 million euros), against 1.97 billion the previous year, a fall of 8.4 per cent, according to data published on the tourism ministry’s website. That is a drop of 34 per cent on the first nine months of 2014, before two extremist attacks that spelled disaster for the sector.

800 mannequin limbs outside Russian Embassy to protest for Russia’s actions in Syria

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Russia’s embassy in London has sent a letter to the UK Foreign Office to complain about demonstrators who dumped around 800 mannequin limbs outside the building in protest of Russia’s actions in Syria. It is reported that the protesters were members of Syria Campaign and Syria Solidarity, UK groups that say the mannequins are symbolic of Russia’s campaign in Syria. Russia’s embassy said staff and visitors couldn’t enter the building, while police stood by indifferently. It was the first demonstrate against Russia since UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s call for such demonstrations last month. According to Russian authorities the demonstration was controlled by London’s officials.


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