Italy,International Valve Summit, Bergamo celebrates the technology of industrial valves

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On May 24 and 25 in Bergamo will be held the second edition of the International Valve Summit, the international trade show for industrial valves, a leading Italian engineering company.

The event, hosted by the PROMOBERG Fair Company, represents one of the most important mechanical appointments, therefore, concerns valves technology and flow control solutions.

The driving sector is that of OIL & GAS, which in Italy is about 25 billion euros, of which about 8 billion are related to the sales of the industrial valves sector, an important market that represents one of the excellence of the Italian mechanical industry.

The “International Valve Summit” has been designed to give way to a major part of the O & G chain, an excellence of Italian mechanics that has some of the most important companies in Bergamo.

Schermata 2017-05-19 alle 22.24.12Promoter of the event Luca Pandolfi, head of the internationalization policies of Confindustria di Bergamo

The inspiration for this project was born by a study that Confindustria has achieved by meeting the needs of the industries of the province of Bergamo, says Dr. Pandolfi, the event this year hosts 205 companies with a strong growth compared to the first two years ago Which was about 150 participants.

Growth that represents the importance of the sector at international level, this sector in particular has a very strong tendency for internationalization, especially with regard to the oil and energy sector in general.

Screen 2017-05-19 at 22.25.47We will test the Italian industrial valves in Middle East or Eastern European pipelines or in the Algerian water pipelines. Indeed, the reference market in this sector is made up of very large multinationals, a target hard to reach without the support of an industrial system

Thirteen debate sessions with 50 exception speakers will be held in the two days of the event, which will address both technology-related issues in the industry, but also the procurement-related issues of large companies to explain the strategies of purchasing offices in the industry.

The O & O gas industry grows much faster than the rest of the subfund is a positive phenomenon that attests to the excellence and appreciation of the international market.

This year, the event envisages hosting about 8,000 visitors against 5700 last year, many of which will come from 57 countries worldwide, a major success for the 2017 International Valve Summit.



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