EU and NATO a strong partnership

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Jointly declared the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker during their meeting at the European Community

“The EU and NATO are unique and essential partners who share common values ​​and strategic interests.” Said Jens Stoltenberg, “We work side by side in the operations of crisis management, capacity building and policy consultations to support peace and international security “

A joint statement comes at a critical moment of the relations between the European Union and Russia in response to the NATO exercises being accused NATO of getting too close to the Russian border

“Our cooperation is particularly important – continues the Secretary General of NATO – in the context of a declining defense budgets in many of our Member States. We must strengthen the potential of our strategic partnership to minimize duplication and maximize profitability.

Stoltenberg knows that Junkers hope growth of the efforts of the member countries in enhancing the capacity to work together and in close cooperation aspiring to a European defense and effective.

It then waits with interest the June European during which you will have to look decisive measures to that effect.

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