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UN Secretary Guterres: “Saudi’s stability is a model for the pursuit of change and growth”

During his first visit to Saudi Arabia, the UN Secretary General Guterres said “Saudi’s stability is a model for the pursuit of change and growth”. He also added that the cooperation between the Kingdom and the United States is key to fight terrorism. To what concern the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Guterres expressed the necessity that yemeni parties don’t take advantage of humanitarian aid. On the other hand Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Jubeir remembered the 70 agreements which the Kingdom made with Houthis and ex-President Saleh and that were never implement. Nevertheless the Kingdom will continue send humanitarian aid to Yemen.

President calls UN to stop Saudi aggression on Yemen

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The United Nation were asked by the President of Supreme Political Council, al-Sammad, to oblige the saudi-led coalition states to end the siege on Yemen. The letter sent to the UN also asked for opening the ports and airports for commercial and civil flights (Sana’a International Airport, Taiz Airport, Hodeida Airport). al-Sammad also asked to not extend the term of the current UN envoy to Yemen Cheikh and to form a neutral committee to investigate the saudi aggression coalition’s crime against civilians.

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