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Cordial ties with Iran necessary for Pakistan.

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Few days after a high level visit by an Iranian delegation to Pakistan, the media in Pakistan have started applauding Iran’s decision to settle the recent border issue with Pakistan through diplomatic means. They have advised Islamabad government that maintaining cordial ties with Iran as a strong neighbor, is quite necessary for Pakistan. Leading Pakistani news papers ‘Dawn’ and ‘The Nation’ in their editorial comments said that although recent border attack was a bitter incident for Iran but the country wisely preferred the diplomatic path instead of deteriorating the situation. Therefore Tehran sent a very high level security delegation to Islamabad and got very strong assurances from top Pakistani military and political leaders regarding the border security. On April 26 nine Iranian border guards were martyred and two others injured by terrorists near Pakistani border in southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan, when they were patrolling at the zero border point. The terrorists after the killings and abducting one Iranian border guard fled to Pakistan’s territories.  After the border incident Pakistani media were expecting a strong reaction from Iran but they witnessed that Iran took no other path, but diplomacy, because Iran strongly believes in dialogue and diplomacy as the best way to solve different issues. This is not the first time that Pakistani media is admiring the diplomacy of the Iranian government. When Iran signed a nuclear deal with the six world powers two years back, Pakistani media also at that time applauded the diplomatic efforts of the Iranian government to reach a peaceful settlement with the West.


Two terrorists killed, 4 arrested in eastern Saudi Arabia.

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The Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday that two terrorists were killed and four arrested during a raid of the security forces in a farm in northern Awamiyah used by terrorists in preperaing and planning their acts. Security forces came under fire and killed two terrorists identified as Mohammed Tahir Mohammed Al-Nimr and Moqdad Mohammed Hassan Al-Nimr. Both those killed and arrested were Saudis criminal. Moreover in the farm were discovered potassium, three magazines for machine guns, 71 rounds of live ammunition and a black mask.

Turkish military says: nearly 100 terrorists killed last week

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A total of 98 terrorists were killed last week in Turkey and northern Syria, Turkish military said in a statement Friday. The Turkish General Staff said in a statement that 27 terrorists were killed in anti-PKK operations in Turkey while 71 members of the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) were killed as part of the Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield, which began last August. According to the statement, Turkish soldiers have destroyed 24 shelters that were used by the PKK and seized weapons and nearly 1000 kilos of drugs during the anti-PKK operations. Meanwhile, military sources said three armed vehicles belonging to terrorists were also destroyed in northern Syria’s al-Bab, a city that was liberated from the group’s clutches, last week. Anti-PKK operations in Turkey’s eastern provinces of Siirt, Bingöl, Kars, Tunceli, Diyarbakır, Bitlis, Mardin, and Ağrı were still ongoing, the army added.

Deputy superintendent of police among four injured in clash with terrorists near Sahiwal

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A police inspector was martyred while deputy superintendent of police (DSP) among four personnel were injured during the encounter with the terrorists in Mamu Kanjan near Sahiwal city of Punjab on early Sunday morning. According to CTD police, on a tip-off that some criminals were hiding in the Mamu Kanjan area, the CTD conducted a raid. upon this, the suspected terrorist opened fire which led to an encounter. Inspector Fida Hussain embraced Shahadat while four other personnel including DSP Asif Joya were injured in the encounter.




The terrorists based in Afghanistan had support from hostile agencies including Indian spy agency RAW

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ISLAMABAD – Director General Inter Services Public Relations, Maj. January Asif Ghafoor Tuesday Said That the terrorists based in Afghanistan had support from hostile agencies including Indian spy agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). He Elaborated That Afghanistan itself faced problems and rendered sacrifices in its fight against terrorism adding That Pakistan fully supported Afghanistan.

Car bomber slays two and injures a Saiqa commander in Benghazi

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A car bomb driven into a Libyan National Army convoy this morning killed two and injured seven including colonel Mahmoud Al-Warfali, a Saiqa Special Forces commander. Warfali was on his way to the 12 Buildings in Ganfouda where the last terrorists are still holding out.  The car bomber struck near a petrol station in Gwarsha.  Two vehicles were destroyed. The injured were taken to Benghazi Medical Centre where Warfali was first reported to be in a critical state. However a bedside picture shows Warfali conscious and giving a victory sign. Around him are six soldiers including Fadl Al-Hassi, the head of Saiqa’s investigation unit. This morning the LNA used tanks and artillery to attack the three remaining apartment blocks in terrorist hands. Yesterday two families came out of the buildings and surrendered to troops.



Ghani said that combating communists is the same as combating terrorism

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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who attended a ceremony held at Presidential palace on the occasion of 26th of Dalwa equals to withdraw of Russian troops from Afghanistan, insisted over the victory of Afghanistan and winning war against terrorism. He said that combating communists is the same as combating terrorists, and according to him Afghanistan will win this war as it won that war. He also invited Taliban into a peace and dialogue process because they can’t win this war. Ghani added that Russia after 28 governments is repeating the same mistake committed years ago, interfering in the Afghan affairs. 26th of dalwa is the day that Russian troops withdrew Afghanistan 28 years ago, they were defeated by the Mujahidin.

Saudi sentenced to prison for communicating with Daesh via whatsapp

A Saudi national was sentenced for 7 years in prison by the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh for supporting Daesh and communicating with an official of the terrorist organization via WhatsApp. The man confessed he wanted to join Daesh and do a terrorist operation against Alawites. He also informed people of how to enter Syria via Turkey and used social networks to communicate with the organization. For that reasons he was condemned to 7 years in prison, his mobile phone was seized by the court and his account on the social media application was closed.

Erdogan and Putin agreed to increase military coordination in Syria against Daesh

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has talked to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by phone about the recent developments in Syria late Thursday, RIA news agency reported. The two leaders agreed to increase military coordination in Syria against the Daesh terrorist group, the Kremlin said in a statement. During their conversation, the two leaders also discussed the Astana process and exchanged views on the upcoming Turkey-Russia High Level Cooperation Council (HLCC) meeting in March. A statement released by the Turkish General Staff later on Thursday said that Russian jets mistakenly targeted Turkish soldiers near Syria’s al-Bab leading to the death of three soldiers and injuring 11 others. The wounded Turkish soldiers were transferred to a nearby hospital after initial medical treatment. A bomb mistakenly hit a building, in which Turkish soldiers were located, while a Russian warplane was targeting Daesh positions in al-Bab, the statement elaborated. Russian authorities also stated that the incident was an accident, expressing their grief and condolences, it added. Both Turkish and Russian parties have launched an investigation regarding the incident.

General Security arrested two Islamic State-linked men suspected of planning an attack in Beirut

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General Security agents arrested overnight in the Choueifat area a Syrian young man suspected of plotting to carry out an act of terror. “The detainee was working as a delivery boy for one of the restaurants and he was plotting to prepare an explosive device”. On Wednesday, General Security announced the arrest of two Islamic State-linked men suspected of planning a suicide attack in central Beirut, confirming earlier media reports. The arrests come two weeks after an attempted suicide attack at Hamra’s Costa cafe. He “confessed that he monitored the movements and addresses of political figures and their convoys crossing the city center,” General Security said in its statement on Wednesday. He had worked with a Palestinian operative to plan a suicide attack in the center of the capital, it said.

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