Car bomber slays two and injures a Saiqa commander in Benghazi

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A car bomb driven into a Libyan National Army convoy this morning killed two and injured seven including colonel Mahmoud Al-Warfali, a Saiqa Special Forces commander. Warfali was on his way to the 12 Buildings in Ganfouda where the last terrorists are still holding out.  The car bomber struck near a petrol station in Gwarsha.  Two vehicles were destroyed. The injured were taken to Benghazi Medical Centre where Warfali was first reported to be in a critical state. However a bedside picture shows Warfali conscious and giving a victory sign. Around him are six soldiers including Fadl Al-Hassi, the head of Saiqa’s investigation unit. This morning the LNA used tanks and artillery to attack the three remaining apartment blocks in terrorist hands. Yesterday two families came out of the buildings and surrendered to troops.



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