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Autobomba esplode nella città di Aden, attacco rivendicato dall’ISIS


Un’autobomba è esplosa nel quartiere Al-Mansoura della città di Aden, in Yemen. L’attacco è stato rivendicato dalle forze dello Stato Islamico.

L’automobile esplosa nella città di Aden mirava a colpire un accampamento usato forze di sicurezza della coalizione Saudita avversa ai ribelli Houthi. Nell’attacco è stata danneggiata anche la moschea Zayen bin Sultan, situata nei pressi dell’accampamento.  A quanto riportato dai testimoni il numero dei morti sembra ammontare alla decina mentre non si hanno dati precisi sul numero dei feriti, tra sono presenti cui alcuni civili.

La dinamica dell’attacco non è del tutto chiara, in quanto lo Stato Islamico rivendicando l’accaduto ha rivelato che vi fosse un solo uomo, Abu Hajar al-Adani, nella macchina carica di esplosivi, i quali sono stati detonati a distanza. Mentre i testimoni locali hanno riportato la presenza di due uomini.

Dalla rivendicazione si evince anche che il vero bersaglio di Adani fosse la “Security Belt” fondata dagli Emirati Arabi Uniti, la quale doveva essere distrutta uccidendo e ferendo tutti coloro al suo interno. Gli Emirati Arabi Uniti sono un alleato chiave dell’Arabia Saudita che dal 2015 combatte contro i ribelli Houthi, che hanno fatto della città di Aden la loro capitale temporanea.

Questo inoltre non è il primo attacco che la città subisce, il 5 Novembre scorso un’autobomba esplose nei pressi di un posto di blocco, uccidendo 15 persone e ferendone altre 20. Anche in quel caso l’attacco fu rivendicato dalle forze dello Stato Islamico.

7 suspected Isis militants killed as Egypt mourns victims of Palm Sunday church bombings.

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Investigations, and repression has started in Egypt after the two terrorist attacks in the country. At least seven suspected Isis militants have been killed in a shoot-out on Monday (10 April) in the southern Egyptian city of Assiut, the country’s interior ministry said. According to official informations, the 7 killed had previous other attacks against Coptic community in net weeks. Some protest are also growing in the country, Coptic community explained that security last Sunday wasn’t working.

Egyptian President Al-Sisi declared the state of emergency.

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First political answer to terrorists attacks which have injured Egypt on Sunday. Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has declared a three-month state of emergency. The decision had been taken after a Security Defence Council held at the presidential palace. He stated that the state of emergency would be implemented after all “legal and constitution steps” were taken. The majority of parliament members supported al-Sisi. The two attacks had been vindicated by Islamic State few hours after the attacks.


At least 10 Killed, 47 wounded after blast strikes metro in Russia's St. Petersburg

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At least 10 people were killed and 47 injured when an explosion tore through a train carriage in the St. Petersburg metro on Monday, Russian authorities said, in what the country’s general prosecutor has officially declared a terror attack. Interfax news agency quoted unnamed sources as saying that the explosive device had been left in a briefcase on the metro carriage and had been filled with shrapnel. Russian media released photos of the suspected bomber. Russia’s anti-terrorism committee said a second explosive device was found and detonated at a different location from where the earlier blast took place. All St. Petersburg metro stations were closed following the incident and the Moscow metro said it was taking unspecified additional security measures in case of an attack there. Interfax quoted a security source as saying that Russia issued search warrants for two people for their possible role in the blast. The Prime Minister Nethanyau said that Israel has nothing to do with this terrorist attack and feels close to the family that lost their parents. Putin wants to investigate to the origin of the terrorist and he doesn’t exclude that they are derived from Israel.

The National Drug Law enforcement Agency recorded 34,499 drug-related arrests in four years

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The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, between 2012 and 2015, arrested 34,499 persons in connection with drug related offences across the 36 states of the federation, in particular in the north-west geo-political zone; On the opposite the north-east geopolitical zone with years of terrorist attacks and insurgency is the least with cases of drug-related offences. The most part of arrested people were men, while women involved were just a little over 2,000. After the interception of two drug traffickers  at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, (who 2.150kg of heroin from Tanzania and 386 grammes of cocaine to Cambodia) the Chairman of the NDLEA, Muhammad Abdallah, assured also a strict narcotic screening at the airport, to fight the  trafficking of drug cartels.


Afghanistan calls on Pakistan to de-escalate tension at border

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Afghanistan has called on Pakistan to re-open the border, which had been closed in the wake of the recent spree of terrorist attacks. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to Afghanistan Abrar Hussain and Afghan Deputy Commander-in-Chief General Murad Ali Murad met on February 27. General Murad had requested at Islamabad for de-escalation at the border and re-opening of the crossing points between the two countries. He also promised to fight terrorsim with the shared information between the two countries. Ambassador Hussain said to Murad that should take measure against Pakistan to deny its attack inside the country.


Yemen won’t suspend counter-terrorism operations with the US governments

After the US commando raid in Al-Bayda against al-Qaeda, which killed many civilians, Yemen won’t suspend counter-terrorism operations with the US governments. Sana’a had not withdrawn its permission for the US to carry out special terrorism operations but the country and President Hadi expressed their reservations about the last operation. Any operations carry out in Yemen should be in consultation with Yemen authorities and should prevent civilian casualties.

General Security arrested two Islamic State-linked men suspected of planning an attack in Beirut

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General Security agents arrested overnight in the Choueifat area a Syrian young man suspected of plotting to carry out an act of terror. “The detainee was working as a delivery boy for one of the restaurants and he was plotting to prepare an explosive device”. On Wednesday, General Security announced the arrest of two Islamic State-linked men suspected of planning a suicide attack in central Beirut, confirming earlier media reports. The arrests come two weeks after an attempted suicide attack at Hamra’s Costa cafe. He “confessed that he monitored the movements and addresses of political figures and their convoys crossing the city center,” General Security said in its statement on Wednesday. He had worked with a Palestinian operative to plan a suicide attack in the center of the capital, it said.

Terrorist attack in Istambul: 2 Indian nationals killed

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NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today said two Indian nationals were killed in the terrorist attack that took place in Istambul, Turkey, earlier in the day. “I have a bad news from Turkey. We have lost two Indian nationals in the Istambul attack. Indian Ambassador is on the way to Istanbul,” Swaraj tweeted. The Minister said in another tweet that the victims are Abis Rizvi, the son of a former Rajya Sabha MP, and Khushi Shah from Gujarat.

President-elect Donald Trump has been "shocked" by the terrorist events of last Monday

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President-elect Donald Trump has been “shocked” by the terrorist events that have bloodied last Monday, he said he wanted to wipe out the ISIS, for this reason will meet in Washington with Michael Flynn, security adviser of the White House, John Kelly , nominated Secretary of the Department of Homeland security, James Mattis, nominated Secretary of Defense, and Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of Statenominated. Trump from Palm Beach is planning the meeting and is in constant contact with his Vice Mike Pence. He is in his mansion in Florida where he is meeting with some possible members of his administration, in fact, the President-elect was still facing various appointments most notably that of the Secretary for Veterans Affairs.

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