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ISIS launched a counter-attack against Iraqi forces in western Mosul

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Daesh (or ISIS) terrorists launched a counter-attack against advancing Iraqi forces in western Mosul during an overnight rain storm. Explosions and gun fire rang out across the city’s southwestern districts in the early hours of Thursday. The fighting eased in the late morning, although a Reuters correspondent saw an air strike and rebel mortar fire. The Takfiri militants are using suicide car bombers, snipers and booby traps to counter the offensive waged by the 100,000-strong force of Iraqi troops, Kurdish Peshmarga fighters and Hashd al-Shaabi forces. Hundreds of women and children gathered in one abandoned bus station in the rain to receive food from the army and a local charity.

Three army soldiers were killed and four others injured in an explosion in the El-Halal

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Three army soldiers were killed and four others injured in an explosion in the El-Halal mountain area in central Sinai, the Egyptian army said on Friday. The explosion occurred during a raid on “terrorist hideouts” by the third field army and police forces in the area. The raid also resulted in the death of three militants and the arrest of three others, an army spokesman said on his official Facebook page. Egypt’s army and police forces have been waging a war over the past three years against an Islamist militant insurgency in North Sinai. Hundreds have been killed in the violence. Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi issued a decree establishing an emergency state in parts of North Sinai in October 2014, and it has been renewed since then. Under the state of emergency, Egypt’s army and police have the authority to “take any action necessary to confront terrorism and protect public and private property in the areas under the emergency state”. The curfew lasts from 5pm to 7am.

4 Lebanese affiliated to terrorist organization arrested

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The General Security Directorate General issued on Friday the following statement:”In the framework of its follow-up on the activities of terrorist groups and sleeper cells affiliated to them, and after qualitative monitoring, the General Directorate of General Security arrested, as per the signal of the public prosecutor, four Lebanese who had formed a cell linked to a terrorist organization and acting in its favor. During their interrogation, one of the Lebanese arrested nicknamed “Abu Yazeed” admitted his support to a terrorist organization and his recruitment of many young men. He also confessed he was preparing to travel to the city of Raqqa in Syria, passing trough Turkey, to join the fighting in the ranks of the organization.

Security experts believe the Reina nightclub attacker received military training

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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant who staged an attack on Istanbul’s Reina nightclub in the early hours of Jan. 1 looks like a professional who received military training on how to use a weapon, according to security experts. Police have released the first footage of the Reina attacker, who killed 39 people and wounded 65 others, with initial police reports suggesting he may be from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan. Officials are also investigating the possibility that the attacker may be from Xinjiang in eastern China and aged around 25, according to a report in daily Habertürk. It is still unclear how many minutes the attacker spent inside the club before fleeing. He went upstairs after entering Reina and started firing on revelers, before going downstairs to continue shooting.

Meeting between the Syrian, Turkish and Russian Ministers

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says a cease-fire in Syria should not cover terrorist groups like the Islamic State group and the Fatah al-Sham Front, as well as Lebanon’s Hezbollah which fights on the government side. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who chaired Tuesday’s talks, did not openly disagree with Cavusoglu. But he mentioned that some groups operating in Syria “were invited by the government of Bashar Assad,” implying that Hezbollah’s presence in Syria is as legitimate as Russia’s own role. The Iranian Minister said that Iran “respects” Turkey’s stance, but added that “other countries don’t accept” it.

Terrorist attack in Donesk region: one killed, another wounded

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Even if the Anti-Terrorist Operation Headquarters reported de-escalation in Donbas with only 15 attacks on Ukrainian positions today, terrorists have opened fire on people standing in a queue at the Mayorsk entry/exit checkpoint in Donesk region. One person has been killed and another one has been wounded, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Terrorist arrested by National Guard

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A takfiri was arrested by National Guard units on Friday in Zaafrane (Kebili governorate). He was in possession of a manual of homemade bombs downloaded in his phone. The individual, wanted for belonging to a terrorist organization, was planning a terrorist attack on members of the National Guard and the Army, an Interior Ministry press release read.

Rangers killed the chief of banned militant group Jundullah

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Pakistan Rangers Sindh on Friday claimed to have killed chief of banned militant group Jundullah in an alleged encounter in Hub district, Dawn News reported. “Acting on tip off by intelligence agencies, Rangers’ anti-terrorist force on Thursday night conducted operation at a suspected militant hideout in Hub area of Balochistan,” read a statement issued by Rangers spokesperson.

Terrorists in Aleppo are using chemical weapons

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According to a Russian Defense Ministry’s statement, Russian military experts have found unexploded shells indicating that terrorists in Aleppo have been using chemical weapons in their regular attacks on civilian and Syrian government-held areas of the cityTerrorists in Aleppo are using chemical weapons. Traces of chlorine and white phosphorus were detected during initial analysis of the samples. The use of chemical weapons was sued for many month and in late October, Syrian state media said that poison gas was fired at a government-held area of Aleppo, causing massive respiratory problems among the local population. The use of chlorine as a weapon is prohibited under the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria joined in 2013, after a Russian diplomatic effort. In January of this year, OPCW confirmed the destruction of all chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic.

The man who coordinated the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels has been identified

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A Belgian-Moroccan jihadist operating in Syria is believed to have organised the deadly attacks on Paris and Brussels, sources say. For months intelligence teams have been trying to identify a man known as Abou Ahmad, involved in recruiting a number of Islamist militants for attacks across Europe. They now believe they have identified him as Oussama Ahmad Atar. He is linked to bombers who targeted Paris in 2015 and Brussels in March.

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