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19 extremists killed, vehicles destroyed in North Sinai.

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Egyptian operations in counter-terrorism are continuing in the country, especially since the bloody Palm Sunday and the resulting proclamation of emergency state, but also after St Catherine monastery attack. The Egyptian Air Force has killed 19 extremists and destroyed four vehicles during air strikes targeting terrorist hotspots in North Sinai. The counter attack  victims included a prominent leader with Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, also known as Sinai Province, as well as the leader of the group’s legislative committee and the official in charge of interrogations.


“Sinai Province” militants’ adhoc checkpoints require revision to security measures in North Sinai

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After events of last weeks in North Sinai, the Cairo has taken measures to stabilize the region, even if, as seen last Saturday with the murder of one Egyptian by terrorists, the situation is still precarious. This doubt about the real security in North Sinai was put in question again on social media with the diffusion of   photos of militants from the IS-affiliated group of “Sinai Province”, while carrying out a checkpoint inside central Al-Arish. On photos, we can see ISIS’ militants armed of guns, inspecting civilians cars near El-Faleh Square, center of Al-Arish. On the situation of militants’ adhoc checkpoints, El Refaay clarified that the militants are hiding between civilians in Al-Arish and only appear when they are sure that police forces are far away. Thus, the situation in North Sinai, even if its officially under control of the Cairo seems to be quite difficult. Affiliated terrorist groups have infiltrated population and try to control parts of the city with some checkpoints.


Three high-ranking police officers killed in IED explosions in Al-Arish

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The insecurity in Al-Arish is still present after the killing of 3 high-ranking police officers. They had been killed by an IED (Improvised explosive Device) which has hurt their convoys. Security forces had opened fire, which killed one terrorist wearing an explosive vest. On attack on Thursday killed two high-ranking police officers, the other one had been killed on Wednesday.  Furthermore, the IS affiliated group of ‘Sinai Province’ declared its responsibility for the attack that targeted El Hadidi, who held a high security position in South Sinai governorate.


After rise of army operations, ‘Sinai Province’ follows hit and run strategy

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As part of the ongoing sweeping operations conducted by the second field army in different parts of North Sinai following the massive exodus of Coptic families from Al-Arish city, Sunday’s operations resulted in the death of four militants. However, the city of Al-Arish, which occupied the news headlines during the last week, is still witnessing the presence of militants who are believed to be members of the IS affiliated group of ‘Sinai Province.’ On Sunday the militants opened a checkpoint in central Al-Arish, where they stopped many pedestrians and checked their IDs. They created such checkpoint to prove their presence in the city; however, once police forces arrived, they fled the scenes. Also, the checkpoint was aiming to target Coptic residents, as the militants were checking the pedestrians’ IDs, he added.

Egypt: doctor killed by militants of the IS-affiliated group of Sinai Province

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Un medico veterinario, è stato assassinato il Domenica sera per mano di militanti anonimi, che gli ha sparato mentre lascia la sua clinica privata a Al-Obour sobborgo nella città del Sinai del Nord di Al-Arishthe uccisi medico veterinario è residente copta di Al-Arish ed è stato sottoposto a tiro pesante da militanti anonimi subito dopo aver lasciato la clinica.” Il medico veterinario copta è stato ucciso da militanti del gruppo è affiliato di ‘Sinai Provincia’, come hanno recentemente mirato residenti copti della città. Il suo nome è William Bahgat Zakhar”, ha detto un giornalista del Nord-Sinai-based. Allo stesso modo, il Sabato sera, militanti anonimi ucciso un 55 anni civili ad Al-Arish mentre cercava di fermare il rapimento del figlio, che è stata presa dai militanti in seguito alla sparatoria.

Third field army kills leading figure in “Sinai Province” during operation in central Sinai

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Armed forces affiliated to the third field army managed on Saturday to kill a leading figure in the IS-affiliated group of “Sinai Province” in a sweeping operation in central Sinai. He had been responsible for killing five security conscripts recently. The leading figure killed, named Hamd Salem Soliman, was 30 years old and specialised in planting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and launching military attacks against police and army checkpoints based in North and central Sinai. Soliman killed five security conscripts on 23 January when they were back to their military units based in central Sinai following a short vacation. They were killed after other militants forced them from a minibus and opened fire on them.

9 IS “Sinai Province” militants killed and 16 other injured

Armed forces affiliated to the third field army, which operate between south and central Sinai, foiled on Friday morning an attack launched by militants believed to be from the Islamic State-affiliated (IS) group “Sinai Province”, killing nine attackers and injuring 16.The IS-affiliated group is believed to be currently adapting a new war strategy that is based on targeting forces all across the Sinai Peninsula (not only in the North).

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