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Saudi aggression

President of the Supreme Political Council Al-Sammad meets Labuza and members of the anti-aggression Yemeni parties

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During a meeting on Monday between the President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad, Vice-President Qasim Labuza and chairman and members of the anti-aggressionYemeni parties’ bloc, they discussed the bloc’s efforts in strengthening the steadfastness in the internal and external front lines, in particular in the current situation, and the future programs of confronting aggression. On the other hand the President showed appreciation to the parties’ bloc efforts and underlined the inhuman face of the aggression coalition. In fine the parties’ leaders stressed the importance of costant communication between the Supreme Political Council, political parties’ leadership and government the aggression media propaganda and all the attempts to split the national unity.

Roundup: 282 Saudi aggression airstrikes hit Yemen in five days, killing 13 civilians

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During the past five days 282 airstrikes launched by US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes targeted several provinces in Yemen killing at least 13 civilians and wounding 27. In Sana’a province 24 airstrikes hit Nehm district, Daylami air base and the Faculty of Aviation. In Sa’ada province, where several districts were targeted by 55 airstrikes and the warplanes also dropped cluster bombs on two districts, 5 civilians were killed and 10 wounded in air rides by the aggression planes. Moreover 11 raid targeted Jawf province; 68 air raids in Taiz province and in particular in Mokha city; 15 others raids in Mareb province and 36 raids also in several areas of Hodeida port city. Also Hajja, Dhamar and Amran provinces were targeted and civilians were killed and wounded.

Civilians targeted by Saudi air strikes on Yemeni provinces

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Yemeni civilians and their properties were targeted by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets in many provinces. In Sa’ada province saudi aggression missiles fired on citizens’ houses and two strikes were waged on various areas of the province. In Taiz province a woman was killed by a Saudi-paid mercenary sniper and another fighter jets were launched in Hejjah province. Also in Mareb province civilians houses were targeted by Saudi-paid mercenary artillery. Moreover a strike was launched in Jzan province and other three strikes hit Najran province.

Saleh al-Sammad condolences to victims of the massacre committed by Saudi aggression warplanes on a funeral house

During a visit to Arhab district in Sana’a governorate President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad offered condolences to victims of the massacre commited by Saudi aggression warplanes on a funeral house in the district on Wednesday. The attack killed 8 women and children and injured ten other women. The President condemned the aggression and the complicity of the international community on the aggression against Yemen. He also denunced the international silence on the crimes commitedgainst civilians and asked to lift the blockade which affected negatively 25 million people.

Saudi aggression warplanes continue heinous strikes against civilians

Airstrikes on several provinces by the Saudi-led coalition continue. In Hodeida 3 people were killed in Saudi air raid and in Hjjah province the saudi aggression warplanes launched 18 air strikes, damaging public and private properties. In Mokha district in the province of Taiz 6 members of a family were killed by a Saudi air strikes on ther house. There were also used cluster bombs in Mareb province and 3 citizens were killed and 4 wounded in a Saudi air strike in Baqam district of Sa’ada province.

4 citizens killed by Saudi aggression missiles

Four citizens were killed, including three children by Saudi aggression missiles fired on al-Dhaher and Shada districts of Saada province. The missiles also damaged citizens` houses and farms in Shada districts, as well public roads in al-Dhaher. Meanwhile, the missiles forces launched a rocket against the Saudi National Guards Camp and the artillery forces shelled Al-Dhab’ah and Al-Mustahdath locations causing direct damages.

Saudi aggression: international prohibited weapons used on Saada province

Saudi aggression fighter jets waged strikes using international prohibited weapons on Saada province overnight, a security official told Saba on Thursday. The planes fired cluster bombs on al-Dhaher district and Haydan district, causing heavy losses, damaging citizens’ houses and burning farms. Officials and residents condemned the US-Saudi aggression’s using world-banned bombs against civilians.

A ballistic missile has been launched on a Saudi aggression military base

The missile units of the army and popular forces fired early on Tuesday a ballistic missile on a Saudi aggression military base in Najran province, a military official said. The missile, Tochka, targeted the gathering of the Saudi national guards in the base, inflicting heavy losses among the enemies. Meanwhile, Saudi aggression fighter jets launched several strikes on Bani Bahlaul in Sanhan district of Sanaa province over the past hours causing damages to citizens`properties and farms.

Sanaa: Saudi air-attack destroyed a civilian park

Saudi aggression fighter jets waged hysterical air raids on civilian targets overnight, devastating a civilian park in al-Hima al-Kharijiya district of Sanaa province. Ever overnight US-backed Saudi aggression fighter planes waged two strikes on Serwah district of Marib governorate. The strikes targeted residents’ fruit farms in Habab valley, burning them to the ground. The residents strongly condemned the continuation of the criminal Saudi aggression targeting citizens, public properties and the infrastructure of the Yemeni people under the eyes of the world and the United Nations’ silence.

A Twitter social campaign against the Saudi-led coalition

A social campaign of tweets on Twitter to break Saudi aggression siege on Yemen is began on Sunday night at 8:00pm (Yemen’s local time). The campaign holds a slogan reading :”Together to break international silence towards all-out siege and starvation imposed by Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni people”. The campaign calls on free people in the world to take part to expose the complicity of the international community in supporting the Saudi aggression crimes against the Yemeni people.

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